Police shut down music website

police shut down music website

police shut down music website

SOCA have shut down a website.

SOCA: Serious Organised Crime Agency.

It must be serious then if SOCA shut the website down.

Money laundering, enabling terrorism, organised crime using the site to sell counterfeit goods?

Err, no. Alleged copyright infringement.

Wow, sharing music makes you part of organised crime. Welcome to the Mafia boys and girls.

A number of questions need to be raised, apart from the obvious of do the police not have anything better do do?

Please correct me if I am wrong, but is not copyright civil, not criminal? Did the UK not oppose turning a civil into a criminal offence?

UK opposes criminal sanctions for copyright infringement

My understanding is (I am not familiar with the site) that the site was a music blog, music was discussed and reviewed.

Now you can discuss music without hearing it, but it makes a lot more sense if you can hear what is being discussed, thus draw your own opinion.

If I tune into the ghastly arts review programme Front Row on BBC Radio 4, they at least play what they are talking about.

It has always been accepted practice of fair use, you reproduce from elsewhere but cite where it is from.

Reviews of music on bandcamp blog and on frostclick let you listen to what is being discussed.

Bandcamp makes sharing of music easy. If I mention an album worth listening to, bandcamp enables me to share that album.

I can mention a couple albums ā€“ Where are the Arms by Gabriel Kahane, Measure of Love by Misty Edwards & David Brymer, The Traveler and The King by Stadtmusikantin und Sterntaler – that I think are worth listening. You do not have to believe me, you can check for yourself.

Last week I went to a concert by The Sixteen. I would love to be able to share what I heard but at the moment not possible as they are not available through bandcamp. You would have to go and buy the CD (or pay to download from their website).

Musical Illuminations

The Sixteen are about to embark on an Asia-Pacific tour. They will perform Handel at the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House provide a link to a performance of Handel.

G F Handel ā€“ The Sixteen

The offending site taken down by SOCA was a .com site. Is that not US jurisdiction as .co.uk would be UK jurisdiction? Is there a nod and a wink agreement with the Feds?

Police shut down website

A few years ago the Feds seized Indymedia servers in London. Questions were raised in Parliament. Indymedia now has multiple mirrors so they cannot be taken down by the seizure of servers in one location.

Did the police have a Court Order to enable them to take down the website?

If you now go to the taken down site, you are met by a notice posted by SOCA telling you that:

SOCA has taken control of this domain name.

The majority of music files that were available via this site were stolen from the artists.

Really? Did thieves go to the recording studio and steal their master tapes?

If you have accessed the website the police know who you are, are watching you, and may inform your internet service provider.

Are they monitoring you? Is it legal? Blatant threats and intimidation.

As a result of illegal downloads, young, emerging artists may have their careers damaged …

Does SOCA have evidence of damaged careers, of artists starving in their garrets?

The biggest problem faced by young, emerging artists is that they are unknown. What they desire is recognition.

They will remain unknown if no one has ever heard of them. On the other hand, if people pass the word, share their music, they get known by a growing circle of people.

That is why creative artists post their music onto sites like bandcamp. It brings them to a wider audience, makes it easier to share their work, and they get paid if people choose to download their music or buy their albums.

… If you have illegally downloaded this music you will have damaged the future of the music industry.

Does SOCA have nothing better to do, apart from shutting down websites, than regurgitating the bullshit of the music industry?

Bandcamp see the advantages conveyed by the internet. It connects creative artists with those who appreciate their work, it encourages sharing, it provides a conduit for money to flow into the pockets of creative artists.

With the shut-down of this site we have a foretaste of what will happen under Acta, an international treaty to criminalise sharing. Yet one more example of why Acta must be stopped.

Say NO to ACTA

The Copyright Mafia are out of control.

Copyright Mafia boss rails against democracy

The music industry is dying due to self-inflected wounds. Their only response to criminalise those who love music, who wish to support music and musicians.

Big Corporate-Controlled Music Industry is dying. Albums sales are falling. But how much of the cover price of an album ever found its way into the pockets of the artists?

Music per se is thriving. I have yet to go to a concert and find I am in an empty venue.

Last week I went to a concert by The Sixteen. It was a sell-out concert. The night before it snowed, on the night it was bitterly cold, the coldest night of the winter. And yet it was packed with people of all ages.

Musical Illuminations

Small record labels do not see music as a commodity, a product. They love music and wish to share that love with others.

We have ludicrous situations of a London Court ruling an individual holds the copyright to an image of a London red bus, of a French Court ruling a furniture manufacture owns the copyright to images of their furniture.

Copyright abuse over who owns the image of a London red bus
Photographing your furniture may be a breach of copyright!

Top Story in HBB Music (Thursday 16 February 2012).

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