7​-​Track EP

7-track EP - Neil Thomas

7-track EP - Neil Thomas

Something I have never understood is how musicians, often quite talented musicians, have zilch musical taste.

It probably explains why they need managers and agents.

I see this with 7​-​Track EP and Neil Thomas. Go to his facebook wall. I did. I clicked on Diva Geek – Album Snippets. I do not recommend doing so, as a horrible ghastly noise, an assault on the ears and an insult to the brain. Similarly with 7​-​Track EP. A very mixed bag. Neil Thomas has potential but has clearly lost the plot somewhere on the way.

This should have been 4-Track EP, or maybe 3-Track EP. Three and half brilliant tracks, the rest complete and utter crap.

Last Kiss Goodnight dedicated to the late Ray Charles, brilliant, then followed by the absolute pits of Before the Bells.

A pity 7​-​Track EP, does not live up to the promise of Last Kiss Goodnight, and even that, does not keep to the simplicity of the opening.

7​-​Track EP picks up again with Sixteen Days, written a few days after Hurricane Katrina. But like Last Kiss Goodnight, Sixteen Days does not keep to the opening simplicity. It gets spoilt by the vocal harmony and added orchestation, which is completely over the top.

Grays Inn Road, written about a place, a person and a time that changed the songwriter. Hints of early Simon and Garfunkel.

The Record, more upbeat, hints of Paul McCartney in opening guitar.

Burn, dedicated to someone missed, ruined by the boring drum loop and then completely wiped out by the instrumentation and over the top orchestration.

Neil Thomas has potential to produce some great music if he learns to keep it simple and learns to be more discriminating.

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