Tahrir Square: Revolution one year on

Tahrir Square 10am this morning

Tahrir Square 10am this morning

Aerial shot of Tahrir Square

Aerial shot of Tahrir Square

Imbaba echoing with calls of bread, freedom, social justice!

Imbaba echoing with calls of bread, freedom, social justice!

Some saying this is the biggest protest in Cairo since the revolution began. Certainly possible, the numbers are staggering. — Sharif Kouddous

One year ago we saw the start of the Egyptian revolution when Egyptians took to Tahrir Square. No matter what was thrown at them they refused to move. They toppled a US-backed dictator.

Where now, one year on? Were the lives lost, lost for nothing?

A military regime has taken control and shows no sign of relinquishing power.

Thousands have been arrested, tortured, tried before secret military courts.

Many have been killed and maimed by the military.

Emergency Powers have been relaxed but not removed. Action can be taken for ‘thuggery’ whatever that means.

The military is demanding power of veto over the new constitution, a secret military budget.

The players have changed, the regime is still firmly in control.

Elections have taken place. Muslim Brotherhood has taken nearly half the seats. A fundamentalist Islamic party calling for introduction of Sharia Law, public beheading, controls a further quarter of the seats.

Women were at the forefront of the revolution. They account for 2% of the seats in Parliament.

Yes there is an elected parliament. A parliament that hides behind walled off street, the people one side, parliament the other.

Egypt: Four walls divide the ruled from the rulers

Muslim Brotherhood take to the streets when it benefits the Muslim Brotherhood. They have not called for the overthrow of the military junta controlling Egypt, have not called for those who committed crimes against the people, those who ordered the crimes, to be arrested and prosecuted.

Today Tahrir Square celebrates, but also calls for the second phase of the revolution, the removal of the military junta.

For brothers and sisters in Syria, the revolution has only just started. They can take heart when they see the numbers in Tahrir Square. The fate of Assad is sealed, either a bullet in the head or a criminal trial.

Iraq faces a descent into hell, until the people come to their senses, Iran and Saudi Arabia stop meddling.

Across the world the Arab Spring has helped to inspire the Occupy movement.

You cannot kill an idea.

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