Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral sits atop of a hill. It is visible from miles around, but within the city not so as the short-sighted Lincoln City Council has allowed the erection of appalling multi-story eyesores. The same city council that has presided over destruction of the heart of the city, has put the historic Lawn up for sale and now plans the destruction of Sincil Street, the one area of character left in the city centre. It used to be policy to not allow any building to obstruct the historic skyline, but now greed and fast bucks is all that matters.

The best way to approach the Cathedral is on foot. From the top of the High Street, up The Strait, passed Norman Houses, up Steep Hill and more Norman Houses, and the cathedral is there when you reach the top. On the way up you will get tantalising glimpses of the cathedral.

Resist the temptation to tarry, if you do, you will not have time to look around Lincoln Cathedral. Though there is lots to see on the way up. If you do tarry, then make the most of it and save the cathedral for another day.

I did tarry, with the result that on the two days I made it to Lincoln Cathedral, before Christmas and in the New Year, I had no time other than to look in the door, have a chat with the Duty Chaplain and light candles.

Lincoln Cathedral was founded by the Normans not long after they invaded, as was Lincoln Castle. It is the finest Gothic Cathedral in Europe, as you will see when you step through the door and look down the nave. The view down the nave literally takes the breath away. Worth the climb if you only look down the nave then have to turn around and set off back down the hill. As did I.

Inside the Cathedral the Lincoln Imp, Cathedral treasures and lovely cloisters that are very tranquil to walk around.

Lincoln Cathedral owns one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta, currently on loan to Lincoln Castle.

Lincoln Cathedral was used as the set for The Da Vinci Code, with Tom Hanks staying at the nearby White Hart.

I have a knack of being in the right place at the right time. The light on the walls is the winter sun filtering through the stained glass windows at midday.

The cathedral on the hill is the cathedral being caught by the morning sun not long after sunrise. But note the ugly building on the left, a blot on the landscape.

Candles in the side chapel are a bit of a disappointment. A sand pit! I would have at the very least expected wrought iron candle holders.

The book to get on Lincoln cathedral is Capturing Lincoln Cathedral, though you will have a job as it was a limited edition edition and I picked up the only two remaining copies. It captures the cathdral in all its moods.

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3 Responses to “Lincoln Cathedral”

  1. Lainee Street Says:

    Thank you for posting this, Keith. I just finished reading an historical fiction account, KATHERINE, by Anya Seton, about my great, great, great, etc., Grandmother, Katherine de Rote who was mistress then wife of John of Gaunt. Mentioned many times is Lincoln and this fine Cathedral.

    This account was fascinating and helped this crazy blonde American learn more about and deeply appreciate her English/French heritage. Found out that I’m related, through marriage to, Geoffery Chaucer…. ;-j

    Another great, great, great, great grandmother, from stories told by family members, came from France to England with her cousins, the Boelyn (sp) sisters. After Anne and Henry married, Anne gave her wedding dress to my grandmother to wear as she was heading to America to be married. The wedding dress was passed down from daughter to daughter until a squabble occurred and then the dress was cut into pieces…. I still need to do research concerning this story…. Btw, I still want my piece of the dress lol.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing the novel, KATHERINE, to life for this girl. 🙂

    • keithpp Says:

      I would like to read the Sequel to The Eight

      Much of it I was already familiar with. All the more amazing when you visit the tomb (which is very difficult to gain access to) of Napoleon Third and Empress Eugenie who ruled France. The tomb is not in France. Amazing symbolism, two massive caskets containing their bodies. A third casket, not sure of who (maybe their son).

      They established a Benedictine Monastery to guard the tomb. Massive church with the tomb in the crypt below.

      On their deaths even Queen Victoria attended the funeral.

    • keithpp Says:

      If you ever visit England then Lincoln Cathedral a must. Off the beaten track as no easy train connection, though I think coach from Victoria Coach Station.

      Stay at nearby White Hart (two minutes walk) or the Georgian Washingborough Hall outside in the nearby village of Washingborough.

      And if you can find it on the net, grab a copy of Capturing Lincoln Cathedral, you will not regret it. I talked to the Duty Chaplain and asked that they go into a second print run, but with an appendix on the history and other sources. It is a book that would sell and sell.

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