This is Brighton

This is Brighton from Caleb Yule on Vimeo.

I started shooting not long after my thirteenth birthday, and what began as a test, turned into a project that would take 9-10 months of on-and-off shooting to complete. I shot over 45,000 stills including reshoots, not all of which made the final cut, and eventually decided that I had most of the footage I had set out to get for my film.

Shot as a series of stills on a Sony A230. Tilt-Shift effect applied in AE. Edited in FCP.

The music is by the wonderful ‘Cinematic Orchestra’.

The film itself is dedicated to Rob MacDonald who sadly passed away this year.

— Caleb Yule

These little cameos of Brighton originally posted on Vimeo by Caleb Yule.

Brighton, one of my favourite places to visit. I would though have found more attractive parts of Brighton to film.


One Response to “This is Brighton”

  1. Zoe Matthews Says:

    I love this film and have watched it many times. I think my daughter was at school with you Caleb, you really capture the heart of people and places.

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