An afternoon walk in a storm

setting sun

setting sun

This morning a storm hit, gale force winds and very heavy rain.

This afternoon I decided I would go out for a walk in the countryside in the storm.

It was a bit hairy to say the least.

The wind was howling through the trees. Branches were snapping off.

As I walked under a tree, I did wonder would a heavy branch come crashing down on my head. Temping fate.

Thick black snow clouds came scudding in, but they passed as quickly as they arrived.

The sun was setting as I set off. Now it was getting dark.

It was only a few degrees above zero, wind chill made it much lower.

I walked almost to the top of a hill and was almost blown away. My head was numb with the cold.

Walking back, I thought of Santiago conjuring up the wind. [see The Alchemist]

Wind speeds locally:

Skegness 67 mph
Cranwell 60 mph

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