i buy therefore i am
is the corporate pslam
our democracy – consumerism
we’re caught in a prism
of shiny colours, sparkle
so we can all marvel
at kate middleton’s shoes
pretending we choose
but it leaves you empty
this pursuit of plently
life is more, than more crap
can we all get behind that?
go home and watch telly
have a beer, get lonely
buy something on ebay
thats how u have your say
lets change the set up
from the bottom up
stop messing on the phone
dont be a corporate clone
take control of industry
so its run with empathy
cause its all one globe
so fire up your stove
come pitch ur tent
state ur intent
to change the current system
which stops the world from eating
lets stand in solidarity
strive for equality
there’s an oppertunity
to stop the super rich
dont dig your own ditch
die on your feet or live on ur knees
theres more than 80′s cheese
there’s love and hugs
throw the crutch of drugs
and walk into a freedom
thats of ur own making

— Catherine Brogan

Top story Occupy Global and Local LSE (Saturday 31 December 2011).

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