Flash Christmas

candlelit procession

candlelit procession

Flash Christmas

Flash Christmas

Was on way to midnight service at the cathedral but joined an outdoor one on the High St instead! Thanks @luminouslincoln — Andrew Miller

Just taken part in midnight mass(#flashchristmas) on lincoln high street. Merry christmas everyone. — Christopher Hewitt

Thanks to all who came to #flashchristmas – it was great fun and perhaps even a little holy. — Luminous Lincoln

Before Christmas I had seen posters with #flashchristmas outside St Mary le Wigford but had no idea of the meaning. I had meant to check it out on twitter, but sadly forgot.

When St Paul’s was closed for a week on bogus health and safety grounds, Flash Evensong organised flash evensong on the steps of St Paul’s.

Flash Evensong at St Paul’s-in-the-Camp

It is catching on, we now have flash compline!

We also have flash Christmas.

Follow the hashtag #flashchristmas and you learn what it was about.

Everything was kept secret until the last minute. A flash mob notified through twitter.

Meet at St Mary le Wigford, a candlelit procession from St Mary le Wigford to St Benedicts’s Square with passers by joining in, and a flash Midnight Mass took place in St Benedict’s Square on Christmas Eve.

Midnight Mass at St John’s
The origins of Christmas

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One Response to “Flash Christmas”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Flash Christmas makes it into Church Times

    Attendances prove Christmas surprise

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