Sorry Sir my dear Jesus , we came to you with, black gown

Sorry Sir my dear Jesus , we came to you with, black gown

Heart is wounded and eye in tears …..
Baghdad and the tears and crying
Slaughtered Vgraleom Baghdad to pay tax on the withdrawal of occupation
… … Let him hear the whole world that we have received New Year with a barrage of bleeding, not trees Birth
We gave school children dead booby, not gifts from Santa Cruz
We constructed and consolation black and not the establishment of the celebrations and dinner turkey
….. This is our Iraq and this is what it was

– Lina Dawood Al Ashorea

Few words, but very moving.

Lina is in Iraq, an eyewitness to the descent into Hell.

If you are at Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve, please ask that they spare a minute’s silence for the people of Iraq as their country descends into Hell.

Christmas message from Canon Andrew White
The Truth as Iraq descends into Hell
Displaced by war, Iraqis mourn lost homes

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2 Responses to “Sorry Sir my dear Jesus , we came to you with, black gown”

  1. jgottling Says:

    I didnt go to mass on Christmas Eve ….. but I always have God in my heart anyway !!!! I will pray for all people having a hard time in this life … and send a wish for peace on Earth ❤

  2. keithpp Says:

    Not something I usually do, but I did last year

    Midnight Mass at St John’s

    and I did this year

    Midnight Mass at St John’s

    I thought I would follow the good example set by Paulo Coelho and Canon Andrew White

    Paulo Coelho (twitter)

    Leaving for the Midnight Xmas Mass. Merry Christmas to all of you here

    I lit candles, including one for Lina, who wrote this very moving piece.

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