Children’s Carol Concert at St Mark’s

Children's Carol Concert at St Mark's

Children's Carol Concert at St Mark's

I went last year when it was one of the celebrations for St Mark’s, a Victorian Christmas, the children dressed as Dickensian characters (and some of the adults too). I was very impressed and that is what made me decided to go this year.

Victorian Christmas Carol Concert St Mark’s

There were plates being played on arrival, though this I did not notice.

It started with the children singing in a candlelit procession, with a few of the children already up front.

We were then treated to a Nativity, though not quite as we know it, more of a musical, if not a comedy.

A gathering of the angels. We have to tell Mary she is expecting a child. Why, does she not know, pipes up one of the angels?

Followed by more singing, poetry reading.

Towards the end we were treated to a rock n roll jive dance routine in the aisle. Earlier, many of the songs had a distinctive Caribbean rhythm.

As Ian said in his summing up and thanks, this was not the first time dancing in the aisles, even on the pews, when last year for one night only, St Mark’s was turned into a nightclub. And what a night that was!

GK’s Funky People at St Mark’s

And for the finale, in Spanish!

The children did everything, they were the narrators, the perfomers, the singers, the roadies, the lighting engineers, the only thing they were not running was the sound system and for some of the singing they had a musical director, but for most of it they ran everything themselves.

Very, very impressive.

We learnt from the Rector Ian Hedges that St Mark’s School had just received Outstanding from an Ofsted inspection, and if the rest of their schooling is as good as this it was more than well deserved.

Chatting to one of the teachers after I said I was very impressed. I added it begs what happens to the kids when they pass through secondary school and most emerge brain-dead, barely able to communicate. Only the lucky ones, who do not have the love of learning, an inquisitive mind, bashed out of them, seem to pass through unscathed.

Schools kill creativity

The schoolchildren were infant schoolchildren, some seemed barely passed being toddlers. Which only makes it all the more impressive that they can conduct and perform for nearly an hour and a half all by themselves.

A retiring collections was taken for a project in Africa that the church is supporting.

Synchronicity: Strange as it was only Saturday at St Nicolas, an African theme.

An African Christmas

Christmas 2011 at St Marks:

24th December – Christmas Eve 4:00pm Crib Service with our “Christingle” Appeal, 11:30pm “Midnight” Eucharist.

25th December – Christmas Day 10:30am EUCHARIST with carols.

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3 Responses to “Children’s Carol Concert at St Mark’s”

  1. Breda Says:

    Hi Keith ..I enjoy attending carol singing at Christmas. I wish I still lived in London when I read about all the cultural events there.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Carol concert was not in London!

    I tend not to attend carol concerts as they can be dire. In Guildford alone, in the window of the Tourist Information Centre, two pages of carol concerts, and that by no means lists all those I am aware of.

    Tuesday of last week I was at Creative Arts @ Costa which happens on the first Tuesday of the month. Art, music and poetry. It is very variable, it can be dire, it can be great. Last Tuesday was no exception. A blind pianist was fantastic. But not the guy who followed with Christmas carols. He could neither play nor sing, and then it got a whole load worse when others joined in who also could not sing. Drunken karaoke worst nightmare had nothing on this lot. I got a blinding headache and by the time I got home very bad migraine and feeling sick.

    Last Saturday a Christmas concert with an African theme, wonderful readings of African Christmas stories by actress Virginia McKenna.

    Sunday, yet more carols. A group that could not play, female vocalists who could not sing. X-factor has a lot to answer for. Luckily absorbed by the bodies and drowned out by the singing.

    The children this evening were fantastic. Unbelievable.

  3. keithpp Says:

    I came across this evening this amazing avant garde rock performance by the kids from St Mark’s School, and remember this is not a Junior Fame Academy, this is an ordinary Primary School, though maybe ordinary is not a word to describe St Mark’s.

    Oh I wished I’d looked after me teeth

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