The new rule book of chivalry

girl boy fight

girl boy fight

Welcome to the new age urban India couples where complexities have started to creep in. Women who in the past enjoyed their newly found financial independence, some of them have out passed their partners in terms of paycheck badly disturbing the personal equations in the domestic economy and they are better off known as “Lets share it half” couples .

Once upon a time,the rule book of chivalry had its predefined conventions where the guy used to pay the bills on the date, he used to be the sole responsibility bearer and paycheck was never an issue in the day to day differences. But that’s a pass now, these young, ambitious, upwardly mobile couples with their big fat salary are sharing equally everything from electricity bills, home rent to of course the expenses on “dinner date”! It’s their practical solution to avoid arguments and inferiority complexes that can take a toll on their sex life too This new perspective is actually about how gender roles are perceived in a society, both through a woman’s a man’s eye.

When a woman thinks that she doesn’t believe in stereotypical gender roles and man on what should be the power and equation issues and differences see a “Most Welcome” sign.

Make your own rules, break the same when you feel they are an obstacle in your relationship, keep the spark alive and don’t change the “And they lived happily ever after …” to “And they lived happily ever after till her salary got a hike”.

Published by Pooja Tripathi on her blog.

They should learn to grow up, there is more to life than money.

There are those women who see men as a meal ticket, there are those who dare not risk a free lunch as it has to be paid for later with sexual favours.

There is also a deeper problem. Most men are not very bright, they cannot handle a woman who is more intelligent then they are.

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One Response to “The new rule book of chivalry”

  1. jgottling Says:

    I just talked about this …. and many man have problem with womens intelligence … why is the question ???? Sometimes I wish I was very stupid instead …. for real !!!
    And I have visions and I can stand on my own two feet …. but for that sake I want a man who can embrace me and be happy for me that I have a goal in life. How hard can it be ??
    I have known one true gentleman in my life …. he was of the old school well he also had a “von” name ,if thats why he was raised with manners I dont know) … he opened door for women and was a very good at listening …just such small things that makes a women happy 🙂 How hard can it be 😉 ??? Love and regards Jessica

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