Three the failed network

This evening almost two hours to what is jokingly called customer support at 3 network.

I few days ago a bought, or at least assume I had bought, 2 GB of data, as I had no indications to the contrary.

This was to connect my laptop through the phone to the internet.

This evening my network access ground to a halt.

I checked my date allowance thinking I cannot possible have used 2 GB. I could not make head nor tale of what was shown, it appeared that all the data allowance had been used up, plus any credit left on my phone.

I called 3 to see what sense, if any, they could make of this.

You have not added 2 GB of data allowance, I was told. In that case your system is not working I replied.

I insisted that they restore my account to as it was a few days ago, then add 2 GB of data.

This they refused to do. The best they could do was add £5 as a good will gesture, which left me out of pocket.

I repeated all I was asking that they reset the account to where it was before the 2 GB of data add on failed. That is not even to ask for compensation, that is to restore the status quo. But, they refused to budge.

I tried to convert the £5 credit on my phone to 2 GB data allowance. It failed! It came back saying there was a technical problem, please try again!

I tried a second time. Nothing happened. Eventually it came back with an error message to say the system had timed out.

So much for their claim that their system had no problems!

I tried a third time. This time it came back to show £5 had been deducted from my account. I assume therefore 2 GB data allowance had been added.

I followed exactly the same steps on my phone as I had done a few days ago.

Again I call what is jokingly called customer support. I insist I speak with a manager.

I explain what has happened. Point out that contrary to the lies I have been told earlier, their system cleary does have problems, and suggest that they check the system logs which will show I had a problem topping up as the message sent to me saying technical problems will have been logged. I also ask has the transaction gone through, do I now have 2 GB data allowance, as no way do I wish to be charged at the extortionate rate of 10p per MB?

They will look into it, but still refusing to restore my account to where it was a few days ago. I say that I now want compensation on top for all the hassle and inconvenience, an entire evening ruined talking to them.

This is not the first problem I have experienced with 3 ntework. I am not the only one experiencing problems with 3 network.

I have had long periods of poor connection, both voice and internet, with connection speeds akin to watching paint dry.

I have a skypephone, only problem is, it no longer works on skype. A clear breach of contract which was free skype calls for ever no top up required. I am still awaiting a new phone and compensation for loss of service. I have been without skype since some time late May or early June.

Free calls forever

3 network are a network not fit for purpose. It is long overdue for the regulator to withdraw their network licence and hand it to a competent network operator.

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One Response to “Three the failed network”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I have also experienced poor customer service with 3 (3 Australia).

    Cutting off Skype on all Skypephones without any warning, explanation or offer of recompense was an outrageous act. It’s fairly clear that they have attempted to cover this issue up on their websites too.

    Btw, the data charges here if you are on 3 pre-paid ‘Bonus’, are $5 AUD per MB (3.22 GBP).

    I’m switching to another provider; I can’t bring myself to reward this behaviour.

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