The Real George Osborne (1 of 3)

The Real George Osborne

The Real George Osborne

He looks permanently pink and facetious, as though life is one big public-school prank. — former Labour MP Chris Mullin

We hope that this campaign, with genuinely funny content and such an exciting star at its centre, will bring this important issue to people in a way that is compelling and interesting. — Deborah Doane, director of the World Development Movement

The Real George Osborne, a paraody by WDM, but with a serious message, food speculation is killing the poor.

So what is the Real George Osborne all about?

Meet George, a bumbling Chancellor who struggles with street-dance lessons and diets in a doomed bid to be more popular than London Mayor Boris.

The Real George Osborne (2 of 3)
The real George Osborne? Surreal mockumentary shows bumbling Chancellor playing with toy train and taking street dance class
Surreality TV: the secret other life of George Osborne
New web comedy mocks Chancellor George Osborne
The real George Osborne
Osborne’s backwards budget is formula for failure on green economy and jobs

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