What a year!

Aleph No1 in Poland

Aleph No1 in Poland

You may imagine the excitement of a writer (any writer) when she/he releases a new book. Most of them don’t show it – probably because they are shy, or they prefer to hide their emotions – but the excitement is there.

Long time ago I chose to share all my emotions, regardless the circumstances – love, enthusiasm, fear – so I can live my life fully.

It was a decision that I never regret. And that is present in all my writings.

And when 2011 knocked the door, I thought: “the next months will be very interesting, as my new title will be released worldwide”. Bingo!

What I did not expect (even if I wished and dreamt about it) was to see what I saw.

ALEPH made the bestseller lists in all countries it was published (except one). Bear in mind that I decided not to give more than 10 interviews during the year, and the success of the book is basically the word-of-mouth and the social communities.

The photo above was taken in the most important Polish chain (Empik). Poland was the final country in 2011 where ALEPH was released.

Therefore, thank you for your continuous suppport, your friendship, and your commitment.

Thank you, obrigado, gracias, merci!

Now we wait for 2012 to see the book repeating the same performance in the countries it will be published (Germany, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, etc.)

Much love

Published by Paulo Coelho on his blog.

The one country where Aleph has not reached No1 is UK.


The retail book scene in the UK is dominated by one retail book chain, Waterstone’s. For whatever perverse reason they chose not to have Aleph on display, thus other than word-of-mouth from those who are in the know, potential readers in the UK are blissfully unaware of the release of Aleph which came out in the UK in September.

Paulo Coelho in Waterstone’s and the author the publisher forgot
What’s gone wrong with our bookshops?

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