Rev Four, Foot To Floor

Meta Taute

Meta Taute

Rev four –
foot to floor
I feel the pull
of the open door.

Rev four –
foot to floor
Trump voice speaks
“Come up and soar”

Foot to floor
right through the door
The pull, the yank
gripped through my tank.

Rev four –
foot to floor
A burning, churning
within my core.

Rev four –
A thundering rumbling
Symphony sounding
Now I’m crumbling.

Dive to floor
break into sweat
All because
His Presence met.

Rev four –
light beyond burning
Holy One sparks up
my heart’s yearning.

Stay on floor –
in saline puddle
The glory realm is
not so subtle.

Rev four –
back to my feet.
Grace to stand
and not retreat.

Rev four –
watch to see
Twenty four crowns
On elderly.

Rev four –
all bowed down
Arms extended
offering crowns.

Count’em four
blazing creatures.
Eyes and wings
as primary features.

Rev four –
What are they
Eyes on me
without a blinking.

Waves of praise
in call and response
He fills all desires
and all wants.

Rev four
onto the next
to watch a lamb
crack open a text

Rev five –
I’m still alive.

— Tony Mujica

The inspiration Revelation Chapter Four. The sketch is one variation out of twenty five or more. Canon Andrew White owns a painted version of this which hangs in his office in Baghdad, Iraq.

Tony Mujica writes some interesting poetry, some dire, some brilliant. This is a lovely example of his work.

Tony Mujica loves to paint and his paintings are his prayers.

For more of his work visit his blog, Notes from the Fortress of Solitude.

A Cannon In God’s Canon

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