Bankers love Boris

bankers love Boris

bankers love Boris

This morning a small protest took place against London Mayor Boris Johnson for his crass comments that judges should show some balls and evict St Paul’s in-the-Camp.

Boris calls for judges to have the courage to remove ‘crusties’
“Bankers love Boris” protest at City Hall
Occupy protesters accuse Boris Johnson of defending the rich
Boris Johnson Dubbed ‘Mayor of the 1%’ as St Paul’s Camp Faces Eviction

Since becoming Mayor in 2008, Mayor Boris has had official meetings with bankers 86 times, compared to only 15 public meetings.

Now it may come as some surprise to Mayor Boris but we actually live in a democracy, we do not all dance to the tune of the City of London. Who does Mayor Boris represent?

What makes Occupy different: inclusion
Occupy and anarchism’s gift of democracy

Those in the camp are driving the national debate. What we are seeing is real democracy in action, not the sham democracy, the childish public-school point-scoring that takes place in Westminster, where the public is reduced to election fodder. Participatory democracy, not representative democracy where Mayor Boris and his ilk represent the 1%.

A sense of the masses – a manifesto for the new revolution

Were Mayor Boris to actually visit the camp he would find that it is not obstructing the highway, that it is not damaging local businesses, that visitor numbers to St Paul’s are up.

When Pandora and I visited St Paul’s in-the-Camp a couple of weeks ago during Sermon on the Steps, we talked to the sushi bar across the road. They told us business was up. Looking in the adjacent coffee bars we could see they were packed.

Sermon on the Steps at St Paul’s in-the-Camp

Today the City of London let slip that the only reason they engaged in talks with the camp was that they thought it would hasten their eviction. Now it is back to legal action. But does the City of London really expect a brutal eviction in the eyes of the world’s media being fought out on the steps of St Paul’s?

Occupy London statement on renewed legal action from the City of London Corporation
Notice served by Corporation of London
OccupyLSX: Eviction Back On
St Paul’s protest: Eviction notices put up at camp

In serving notice on St Paul’s in-the-Camp, two people at the camp were assaulted, one of who was sufficiently injured to require hospital treatment!

Occupy London responds to City of London Corporation notice; Alleged assault

The City of London is a Rotten Borough that should be abolished. It is a parasitical organisation that harms us all. Vulture funds are preying on the world’s poor. The City of London does not create wealth, it accumulates wealth from the rest of us.

UK urged to prevent vulture funds preying on world’s poorest countries
Wealth Destroyers

Following their violent eviction by NYPD and following a court ruling in their favour, Occupy Wall Street are back.

NYPD police brutality against Occupy Wall Street
Court order allows Occupy Wall St. protesters back

It would appear that the attack on Occupy Wall Street was part of a coordinated crackdown across the country.

Update: ‘Occupy’ crackdowns coordinated with federal law enforcement officials

During their attack on Occupy Wall Street the thugs in the NYPD destroyed the cycle power system, trashed or stole several laptops and a wifi system. They also trashed or stole the People’s Library containing around 5,500 maybe more books. At least 50 of these books were donated and signed by their authors.

Will the mayor and NYPD be compensating for all that they have stolen or trashed?

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