This is what is jokingly called a review of Aleph

This is what is jokingly called a review of Aleph, the latest from Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Coelho calls Aleph ‘the long trip to my soul — past, present and future’. To some people this is known as a mid-life crisis, but Coelho articulates a mystical and spiritual dimension to his journey that gives this book (and most of his other writings) its appeal.

It begins with him trying to overcome the rut he is stuck in, a whirl of airports and hotels with none of the adventure of his earlier travels. His life is stagnating.

His spiritual teacher, known as J, tells him he ‘needs to leave in order to return to his present’, at which point Coelho sets out on a journey to rediscover his faith and the purpose of his life on Earth.

He goes on a physical and spiritual journey, which brings him into contact with a woman he loved 500 years ago.

Coelho is the sort of writer you will either love or loathe but his stubborn quest to live a meaningful life makes for thought-provoking, if sometimes irritating, reading.

Paulo Coelho, love him or loathe him. What a stupid comment!

What does this tell us about Aleph? One great zilch. We would have learnt more reading the book cover. And someone got paid for writing this!

But at least it was not the usual hate-filled vitriolic attack on Paulo Coelho that masquerades as a book reveiew. And it alerts readers of this rag in Ireland that Aleph has been published.

Review: Biography: Aleph by Paulo Coelho

A somewhat better review on Eco Luminescence website where they do seem to have some understanding of what they are reading and do actually appear to have read Aleph!

Aleph is currently on offer at WHSmith at 60% off, but this offer probably only has a few days left to run.

Great deals on two Paulo Coelho books in WHSmith

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