We got it wrong admit St Paul’s

Dean of St Paul's and Bishop of London at St Paul's in-the-Camp

Dean of St Paul's and Bishop of London at St Paul's in-the-Camp

The dean and chapter were clearly wrongly advised and I don’t know why they took the decision to close the cathedral – some of my clergy were down there doing flash mob evening services among the tents. — Right Rev Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden

The symbolism of the closed door was the wrong symbol. — Richard Chartres, Bishop of London

All Saints be praised! Clergy at St Paul’s Cathedral handing leaflets to Occupy London Stock Exchange inviting them to All Souls Durufle requiem at 5pm. — Ruth Gledhill

People want to think about finance “in the context of ethics and morality and God. — Bishop of London Dr Richard Chartres

The church shouldn’t just be supporting this, it should be part of it. — David Jennings, canon theologian at Leicester Cathedral

God works in mysterious ways. One path is blocked, another opens. Things happen.

Occupy London Stock Exchange had not intended to camp outside St Paul’s.

Contrary to the nonsense in the mainstream media, there is not a conflict between the camp and St Paul’s and never was.

Why was St Paul’s closed for a week? No one knows. The best that can be said is that they were ill-advised.

If you are in a hole, stop digging.

The clergy at St Paul’s were advised they could not talk to the camp because of impending legal action against the camp.

The Bishop of London and the clergy at St Paul’s had the good grace and humility to admit they were wrong. They suspended their legal action. The Bishop led the clergy out of St Paul’s and into the camp to cheers from the camp.

Yesterday the clergy were in the camp, invitations were issued to attend All Souls Durufle requiem that evening.

Once St Paul’s had made their decision to suspend legal action, the City of London suspended their legal action too. Not only that, they were in the camp talking to people.

As I think it was Churchill who said: jaw jaw is always better than war war.

A group has been formed headed by Ken Costa, a former top investment banker, with the aim of “reconnecting the financial with the ethical”. This will also involve Giles Fraser, the Canon Chancellor at St Paul’s, who stepped down last week over concerns that the cathedral’s support for eviction could see it complicit in eventual violence. Ken Costa has already visited the camp.

St Paul’s in-the-Camp has energised the wider church like nothing since the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Clergy have been working in the camp since it was started.

The irony is that St Paul’s initially welcomed the camp, said they were welcome and asked the police to stay away.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has also joined in the call for social justice.

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