Good news Paulo Coelho fans in independent bookshops

Aleph is currently on offer in independent bookshops in England at £5 off the cover price.

The entire Paulo Coelho back list is on offer at three for two.

Now is the time to support your independent bookshop, to get in those much desirable Christmas presents.

If your local bookshop does not have a Paulo Coelho display, has not got these books on offer, please ask them why not.

We have lost a quarter of our independent bookshops in the last year. We will lose the rest unless they have our support.

HarperCollinsUK have a lot of explaining to do. Why is it only this week they have told independent bookshops of the release of Aleph when it was released on 1 September 2011?

What’s gone wrong with our bookshops?
A quarter of independent bookshops lost in last five years

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3 Responses to “Good news Paulo Coelho fans in independent bookshops”

  1. Dances With Crayons Says:

    Hi Keith,
    I stopped by to share a couple of little stories:

    During a visit to Calgary a couple of years ago, found a quaint little bookstore. It’s a busy, lively little shop in the heart of an energetic, college area. Usually there is only one person working. It’s become a favorite place to go and shop with the kids! Aside from books, they carry incense, little carvings, beautiful notebooks and crystals.

    Year before last, found an interesting book and was chatting with the employee about it. As we were talking I noticed a notebook on the shelf ahead with a camel on it, and it made me smile.
    I asked if he had heard of a book called The Alchemist, sharing that it was my favorite story.

    The next time I went to Calgary we returned to the area for a stroll, lunch, and of course to visit the bookshop. I noticed the same person working and stopped to say a cheery hello. The kids went ahead to browse and suddenly my daughter’s boyfriend poked his head around the corner, smiling. He was holding two books and asked ‘is this the book you were talking about last time?’. WOW!!! Paulo’s books were there! Not only there, but in every airport along the way and this summer, The Alchemist was on Chapters ‘Great Reads For Summer’ section right out front!!

    I had another experience like this in an airport on my way to Turkey. There was time between flights and went to visit a bookstore. I love seeing The Alchemist (anyone that knows me knows that lol!) and mentioned to the person working there, that it was my favorite story. Well, it turned out to be his, too. He was so thrilled to learn that The Alchemist was now in Graphic Novel format that he literally jumped up and down in the shop!

    Recently a friend shared the title of a book that she was excited about and I couldn’t wait to read it. The author and his works were not familiar to me before. And now, can’t wait to read more! Usually bookstores are very happy to order titles in, has been a great experience.

    I love to share and offer favorite as well as precious things like books, music, pictures and such. As well, I’m still like a child and tend to pick up on enthusiasm. Amazing things can happen like magic!!

    Happy Reading Keith,

  2. keithpp Says:

    I used to love going into bookshops, now they leave me depressed, at least in England.

    One Tree Books are the official bookseller to the Guildford Book Festival. I suggested that as they have Aleph on offer at £5 off, ie one third off cover price, they have Aleph on display and available at the book festival.

    They could not be bothered. Had they been bothered I would have bought two copies to have given away as presents. People I know would also have bought copies.

    All very sad and depressing.

    I agree with you Istanbul. Aleph had just been reelased as Elif. Every single bookshop had Elif on display. Not only that, they knew the book, knew the author.

    In Cyprus at Larnaca airport, very good display of Paulo Coelho books at airport bookshop.

    In Puerto de la Cruz, a little shop called Soluciones. Very good selection of Paulo Coelho books.

  3. keithpp Says:

    Yes, I have had people get very excited when I show them the graphic edition of The Alchemist.

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