Egyptian military massacre Coptic Christians

Islamist holds up cross and leads crowd in chants against military council

Islamist holds up cross and leads crowd in chants against military council

I was there when it began. Some soldiers got pushed a bit. Then they attacked, beating people and sound of sustained gunfire filled the air. — Sharif Kouddous

Egyptian State TV is completely distorting tonight’s events. Airing interviews of soldiers saying Copts began by beating and shooting them. — Sharif Kouddous

Everyone blasting state media coverage. Aghast that reports were they attacked the army. — Sharif Kouddous

Last night I was getting reports from Sharif Kouddous of the military firing tear gas and live rounds into a crowd of peaceful protesters. Eye witnesses spoke of military vehicles driving at high speed into the crowds. As many as 25 killed, many more injured.

Coptic Christians were protesting against the burning down of a Coptic Church, others had joined their peaceful protest as a show of solidarity and to join in protest against the military. The response of the military was violence directed against the peaceful protesters.

A very odd responce from the leadership of the Coptic Church. They blamed infiltrators for causing the trouble. This is at odds with those who were there and is simply to regurgitate state propaganda. The Coptic church leadership had a bad reputation for being in bed with the previous regime. It appears nothing has changed, they are now getting in bed with the military dictatorship.

Today Islamists and Copts took to the street to show they were united against the military ruling council.

Coptic Christians Massacred in Egypt Protest
Violence and Bloodshed in Egypt: An Eyewitness Account

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