Autumn day in Brighton

It was the last Sunday in September, it looked like it was going to be a pleasant day, so I decided on a day trip to Brighton.

Walking down to the seafront, I popped into Waterstone’s. No display of Aleph latest book from Paulo Coelho either in the window or in-store, but at least when I asked, they were at least aware. But then this is Brighton, if not aware in Brighton?

Paulo Coelho in Waterstone’s and the author the publisher forgot

After a wander along the seafront, lunch outside Iydea. I usually enjoy lunch at Iydea, but not this time, and not helped by smoke being blown into my face. It would be good to make these tables No Smoking.

By now not much open, though still very busy in the street.

I was shocked at the number of businesses that had closed in North Laine since my last visit in the spring on Easter Sunday. Maybe it had been a bad summer. There were people about but maybe holding on to their money.

Easter Sunday in Brighton

I always enjoy looking in Eco Logic Cool. They always have interesting and unsual products and always interesting music. I asked, to be told The Cinematic Orchestra.

Infinity Foods always have excellent baked bread, but I was too late.

Earlier, on my way to the seafront, I had dropped in Grocer and Grain. Very delicious local apples. A very busy and popular shop.

From Brighton Pier I was able to watch the sun going down until it disappeared behind clouds.

From the bookstall on the seafront I picked up The Shack, The Pilgrimage and Manual of Warrior of Light.

I said Paulo Coelho had a new book Aleph and spoke of the experence of Waterstone’s. I was told Paulo Coelho very popular and his books sell very quickly.

Paulo Coelho in Waterstone’s and the author the publisher forgot

Taj the Greengrocer I always visit.

It had been warm all day and walking along the seafront long after sunset it was still very warm.

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