Cold-blooded state execution of Troy Davis

If Georgia executes Troy Davis tonight, our whole nation should hang our heads in shame. — Jeremy Scahill

They may take my body, but they won’t take my spirit … this is a movement that started before I was born. — Troy Davis

This case has really revealed to the world that we cannot continue with this system. — Larry Cox, Executive Director of Amnesty USA

I in good conscience cannot do business in a state where the majority endorse the murder of innocents. I’m sorry I just can’t do it. — Michael Moore

Midnight BST I heard there was a temporary reprieve of the state execution of Troy Davis, his case was to be put before the Supreme Court.

I had a very bad sleepless night.

This morning I heard the tragic news, the Supreme Court had refused to look into the case, had refused to intervene, Troy Davis had been executed in the early hours of the morning.

When we see or hear of people executed by Islamists and terrorists, we are sickened and disgusted. That is how I felt this morning, I could see no difference.

Had Troy Davis been in England he would by now have been released on licence, he would have served his sentence, and that would be if he had been as guilty as hell. And as there is much doubt as to his guilt, the case would have been thrown out by a judge.

Another man confessed. Seven eyewitnesses recanted. Police accused of coercing witnesses. No DNA. No murder weapon. Justice?

The Pope had sought clemency, as had former US President Jimmy Carter, as had Amnesty International. Over a million people worldwide had signed a petition.

Spineless Barack Obama had refused to act. How is it that whenever I see Obama the image that comes to mind is that of a houseboy in a period drama set in the Deep South?

JFK sent federal forces into Georgia. The houseboy in the White House refused to act.

Obama is unlikely to be reelected as president. Not because there is widespread support for the tea bag party but becuase Obama has refused to stand up for what is right, has betrayed the American people.

Scotland released the Lockerbie bomber to go home to Libya to die. It was an act of compassion. There was an outcry from the US, with the houseboy in the White House leading the pack.

The Lockerbie bomber could not have acted alone. He would have had orders from Col Gadaffi. The houseboy in the White House was happy to work with Gadaffi, to send people back to Libya to be tortured and killed.

America the land of unfeterred Capitalism, where everything has a price, even life itself. The cold-blooded execution of Troy Davis was privatised! It was carried out by Correct Health.

In The Devil and Miss Prym, the villagers of Viscos are offered ten bars of gold if they break one of the Ten Commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill. After much soul searching, they decline the offer.

How much was Correct Health paid to carry out the execution of Troy Davis? Will the person who administered the fatal injection be charged with murder?

For clean effective contract killing, why call in the Mafia when there is Correct Health?

America is in with the best when it comes to cold-blooded execution of its own citizens, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran.

Justice has no meaning unless carried out with compassion.

In The Shack, Mack learns to forgive the brutal killing of his daughter Missy by a child serial killer.

If we all sought retribution, an eye for an eye, we would have as Gandhi once said, a world full of blind people.

Martin Luther was disturbed by God sitting in judgement. Instead God who forgives.

In The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare:

The quality of mercy is not strained;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

Some years ago I was in the House of Commons during a debate on bring back hanging (though that was not why I was there). I had to fight my way through a baying lynch mob outside calling for the restoration of the death penalty. It was not a pleasant experience.

If it is wrong to kill, then it is wrong for the state to kill.

Excellent live coverage by Amy Goodman and Democracy Now which once again put BBC to shame. Why the news blackout by the BBC?

Michael Moore has asked his publisher to withdraw his book from from Georgia.

Time of Troy Davis death was 11:08pm EDT.

Who will be next for state execution, Mumia Abu-Jamal?

Democracy Now! Special Report from Troy Davis Execution: Did Georgia Kill an Innocent Man?
Troy Davis: 10 reasons why he should not be executed
Troy Davis And Lawrence Brewer, A Tale Of Two Executions
UN experts call on US Government: stop Troy Davis execution

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3 Responses to “Cold-blooded state execution of Troy Davis”

  1. Canon Andrew White Says:

    A truly excellent article on a very sad day.

  2. Claire Quaid Says:

    I was truly shocked and saddened that the execution went ahead. Tragic case. I only hope that it leads to more criticism of the death penalty. C

  3. keithpp Says:

    My publisher has informed me they can’t recall my books from Georgia stores so I will donate my royalties to the Innocence Project. I will also donate two voter registration drives in Georgia. In 2008 there were 600k AfricanAmericans in Georgia who weren’t registered. — Michael Moore

    Thank you Claire and Andrew for kind comments.

    When I heard it was before the Supreme Court, I thought maybe the case would be reviewed, but sadly was not to be. I was quite upset when I heard the execution had gone ahead. Unbelievable that in the US everything is for sale, that even execution is privatised.

    In the US the Supreme Court are political appointees, many put there by George W Bush.

    Yes, I think the one good thing that may come of it may be more criticism of the death penalty, but then the US does have the Murdoch-controlled Fox TV.

    Michael Moore asked his publisher to withdraw his recently published biography Here Comes Trouble from bookstores in Georgia. When he learnt this was not possible, he said royalties will go to Innocence Project and he donate two voter registration drives in Georgia. In 2008 there were 600k AfricanAmericans in Georgia who weren’t registered.

    Let’s hope other writers follow his excellent awareness raising example.

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