Dale Farm eviction

No one likes gypsies on their doorstep and anyone who says otherwise is being less than economical with the truth: dirty, half-naked children running around, savage dogs on chains, anti-social behaviour, petty thieving, rubbish burning etc.

But one is not allowed to say these things, let alone use to justify eviction of gypsies from a site they have occupied for over ten years.

Therefore why not use the planning laws? They have occupied land in designated green belt.

Dale Farm. One gets the image of a run down farm that gypsies have occupied. It is a scrap yard. Hardly a green field site. And the gypsies own the site.

Listening to Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council who are mounting the eviction, he comes across as as pig ignorant. He somewhat let the cat out of the bag when on the Today programme yesterday morning he said the evicted families would have to find somewhere else to live in another part of the country!

I wonder what will happen to the site once or if the current residents are evicted? Will it then be redeveloped?

I have seen too many green field sites developed, a blind eye turned, retrospective planning granted.

Bailiffs are thugs acting for a Court. I experienced this a few years back. A local Rachman landlord had bailiffs evict a disable man with mental problems, only they came to my house by mistake. They were hammering on my doors and windows. Had I not been in I suspect they would have smashed down the door. They demanded to know who I was. I refused to tell them and ordered them off my property. They had police back up. I asked the police to arrest the thugs for their threatening behaviour, instead the police threatened to arrest me.

The UN has condemed the action by Basildon Council. Why has the Foreign Office refused UN acess to Dale Farm?

Dale Farm: evicted Travellers will be forced to leave area

Dale Farm residents at the last minute yesterday afternoon were granted a stay of execution by the High Court. It remains to be seen what next?

Dale Farm Travellers win injunction delaying eviction
Dale Farm traveller site: Bailiffs urge end to obstruction

Basildon Council have cut disablity services by half a million pounds but could find £20 million for this eviction! Show where their priorities lie.

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