Donating books

schoolchildren in Mozambique with books by Paulo Coelho

schoolchildren in Mozambique with books by Paulo Coelho

By donating books we share our favourite books and writers with others. We help spread literacy.

The stats on literacy in England are appalling: One in six children not read a book in a month. Half of Jamaican boys aged 14 have a reading age of 7. The reading age is the same for white working class.

One in six children doesn’t read a book a month

A couple of days ago I left a couple of books for others to stumble upon in the Parish Church in Godalming. Let’s hope others do the same.

Books in Godalming Parish Church

A few weeks back an attractive black girl was curious the book I had, The Zahir by Paulo Coelho. To her surprise I gave it to her. I was closing the circle. My introduction to Paulo Coelho was an attractive Lithuanian girl reading The Zahir. I was curious what had her so entranced.

Making a deposit in the Favour Bank

Children as young as ten risk their lives walking from Zimbabwe to South Africa to go to school.

Zimbabwe’s child migrants

Well done my friend Jane who has sent a CD to Zimbabwe containing Pirate Coelho.

A Little Help From My Friends

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