Bus trip to Godalming

It was raining in Guildford so I hopped on a bus to Godalming.

Godalming is a classic example of how to destory a small market town. Inappropriate buildings, inappropriate shop fronts.

Greed writ large. Corrupt and incompetent planners writ large. Clone town writ large.

But it is well worth a visit.

As you approach it on the bus, you cross the bridge over the River Wey and pass by water meadows. On the edge of the town centre small independent businesses, and down the side streets, especially Church Street leading down to the Parish Church.

Inside the church remains of an old Saxon font, believed to be the oldest in the country.

A lovely little museum which is well worth a visit. There was an exhibition of hand-carved furniture and musical instruments. Fantastic craftmanship using wood from native trees. I was even able to pick up an album of beautiful haunting music made on the instruments, Out of our Woods (instruments made and played by Mervyn Mewis and Kathryn Young). Walk through the museum into a lovely little garden. I was very surprised to learn the spherical flowers were hydrangeas as they are usually flat umbells.

In the centre of Godalming a Waterstone’s bookshop which just happens to also be the Post Office. On the chalk board of new releases no mention of Aleph by Paulo Coelho due out in exactly one week’s time on 1 September 2011. But to their credit they had far more releases chalked up than Waterstone’s in Guildford. The girl I spoke to was very helpful but sadly did not know of Aleph. [see Paulo Coelho unknown author]

Godalming still has a baker, greengrocer and butcher.

The River Wey runs alongside the back of Godalming with watermeadows beyond.

Getting to Godalming by bus was easy, getting back problematic. It was a pleasant evening and I went and sat by the river and as a result found that I had missed a bus by 20 minutes. The next bus was over an hour wait, being the last bus at 1954. Not wishing to wait, I walked to the station and caught a train.

Godalming is a small market town south of Guildford on the River Wey. It can be reached from Guildford by either bus or train.

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