Cobbstock III

Walking through Gostrey Meadow by the River Wey in Farnham I could hear music.

Curious, I followed it to its source and found myself at a hog roast and rockabilly festival at the back of the William Cobbett. The music was good, as was the hog roast. Welcome to Cobbstock III.

I then carried on my way, walking through Downing Street.

Whoever said Farnham was clone town is a either a fool or a knave. Clone town it is not.

Downing Street is becoming a little food oasis. A butcher, green grocer, Deli, which I had not seen before, and a Cook shop which I had not seen before. From the Cook shop I got delicious cheesecake the like of which I had never tasted before.

There used to be a marvelous Hammick’s bookshop in Downing Street. It alone was worth a visit to Farnham. It relocated, was taken over by Ottaker’s, who in turn were taken over by Waterstone’s.

Did what was now Waterstone’s list Aleph by Paulo Coelho as a new release? Sadly not, they were not even aware it was due for release on 1 September, nor could they even find it on their system. They had a vague awareness of Paulo Coelho. [see Paulo Coelho unknown author]

I had hoped to go back to the William Cobbett, but was too tired, so set off home.

The William Cobbett, formerly The Jolly Farmer (renamed in the 1970s in honour of William Cobbett), home of William Cobbett. At the time of Cobbett’s birth (1762) it was a farmhouse. The William Cobbett contains a framed copy of the Political Register, the political journal founded by Cobbett.

William Cobbett (1762-1835), farmer, pamphleteer, radical, social commentator, started out in life as a crow-scarer and ploughboy. As an assiduous student he mastered French, rhetoric, geometry, logic and fortifications. He served six years in America where he was placed in charge of the regimental accounts and registers. On his return to England he married the daughter of a soldier, spent some time in France, then returned to America. After a couple of years the fiery contents of his leaflets forced him to return to England.

Farnham is an old market town on the side of the River Wey.

Sometimes we are delayed for a reason. I was delayed by heavy rain for two hours, the train was twenty minutes late. It was mid-afternoon when I was walking through Gostrey Meadows. Had I not been delayed I would not have heard the music, not found Cobbstock III. [see The Zahir]

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