London riots spread across the country

volunteers cleaning Manchester

volunteers cleaning Manchester

tea being served during Manchester clean up

tea being served during Manchester clean up

The London riots, which had been restricted to London, last night spread across the country: Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Salford, Birmingham, Manchester.

In Birmingham, three Asian men defending their community, were killed when a car was driven at them at high speed.

In Salford, a BBC radio car was attacked by looters throwing bricks.

Yesterday Guildford was on high alert, a heavy police precence on the street. It was feared looters from Aldershot would hit Guildford. As a precaution, London Camera Exchange removed their window display. There is nothing to loot in Aldershot or neighbouring Farnborough as the local council has already done an excellent job destroying both town centres.

Interviewed on BBC World Service, two teenage girls said it was fun to riot!

This morning, volunteer cleaning crews were once again out cleaning up the mess.

Riot Clean Up

And no Eric Pickles MP, this is not the Big Society in action, though it may have something to do with the ConDem cuts which are targetting the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.

View from France: Looting is not protest We have political protest.

View from States: This is not comparable with the Rodney King Riots in LA.

There is worry in the USA that the riots will spread across the Atlantic.

BBC edict: News teams told these are not protesters, these are looters and rioters.

It is a misnomer to call these people rioters. They are criminal looters. They have no values other than must have latest mobile phone and trainers.

If this was political they would be attacking the Town Halls.

But worth noting: Although some local businesses have been attacked, the main focus has been shopping malls and large retailers, who contribute nothing to local communities, who pay no tax, who destroy local businesses. Says something.

6.30pm tonight – demo against the rioters – The Anchor, Deptford High St – Lewisham Town Hall, Catford.

Massive Riots: Britain Today, America Tomorrow?
London riots: the day they fought back with brooms in streets of Nappy Valley
England riots: Timeline and map of violence


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