London riots

a ray of hope in Finsbury Park

a ray of hope in Finsbury Park

kids from Bromsgrove offering to help with the clean up

kids from Bromsgrove offering to help with the clean up

Remains of a burnt out bus in Croydon

Remains of a burnt out bus in Croydon

broom power in Clapham

broom power in Clapham

When the ConDem government piss on the poor, do not be surprised when they react. My only surprise is that the riots did not kick off at the start of summer.

The ConDem government has used a mythical debt crisis to engage in Shock Doctrine, to wage class war on the poor and disadvantaged. Billions have been cut from welfare and housing budgets, libraries have been closed. Even where welfare payments have kept pace with inflation, the recipients have lost out as energy and food inflation has risen much faster. These are people who have no slack. Meanwhile, there are hints that taxes for the rich will be cut from their already historically low level.

There is an appalling ignorance of economics. At a time when private spending is collapsing, you do not cut public spending. Everytime a job is lost, a contract lost, there is less money being spent in the economy, fewer jobs. Not only that, the tax take goes down and public debt goes up.

Keynes said as a last resort, pay men to dig holes, pay others to fill them in. Not that there was any merit in digging and filling in holes, other than it put money in people’s pockets, money that they then spent.

If the government increased rather than cut benefits, money would be spent in the economy as these are people living on the breadline. Money should also be spent on infrastructure and green projects, projects from which we all benefit.

Tax dodgers like Vodafone should be forced to pay the billions they owe in unpaid taxes.

Not that any of this justifies the riots we have seen over the last three nights nights. Not that these were riots in the traditional sense.

We have not seen a revolution in the making. We have seen moronic thugs who terrorise the estates on which they live go mainstream.

In Syria, young people risk their lives for freedom. In London they take to the streets and loot shops for the latest mobile phones and trainers.

In Hackney last night, Turkish-Kurds were guarding the area.

What is achieved by looting local small businesses, burning people out of their homes?

In Croydon a lone woman was dragged out of her car so it could be set on fire.

The mainstream media says twitter was used to organise the mass looting. I have seen no evidence of this. I have seen evidence of Blackberry phones being used to organise looting. I have seen twitter used to organise the clean up.

Well done those who organised the clean up and all those who took part. In Hackney when they had finished the clean up they offered help to other areas of London. The Vicar of Ealing said so many people turned up for the clean up that they ran out of things to do.

For a long time gangs have terrorised slum estates. I have been to interagency meetings even chairing one of them where the same issues were always raised: failure to carry out repairs, failure to deal with the thugs on the estates. But sadly no one cared, no action was ever taken.

Maybe now the police will go in hard and clean up these estates. But it takes more than rigorous policing. The slum landlords must be dealt with. And that includes the Housing Associations who treat their tenants as peasants.

We need to clean up local government, councils that are in the pocket of developers and fail to act for local people. There has been repeated attempts to destroy Queen’s Market, one of the few remaining East End markets left in London. In Farnborough, the town centre destroyed, housing association tenants kicked out of their homes, private tenants put out on the street. In Aldershot, the town centre is derelict bar a handful of ethnic food shops, and yet the council has approved a development alongside an edge of town Tesco which will destroy what little is left of Aldershot town centre.

The ConDem governement has to rethink its cuts. Where does a kid from a bad family who wants to learn go when there is no library?

The England v Holland friendly has been cancelled. Maybe the overpaid footballers should be out on the streets helping with the clean up.

Why is the Surrey Cycle Race going ahead this weekend? It is to give people an idea of the misery of London 2012 Olympics they will suffer next year. This Cycle Race should be cancelled. It is going to take up police resources that are needed elsewhere.

Unemployed youth need to look to the Middle East and Spain. Occupy Parliament Square. Draw up coherent political demands. But sadly there is a difference. In the Middle East, in Europe, they are intelligent, value learning and education, whereas the teenage thugs who terrorise slum estates have difficulty stringing a sentence together. My non-English friends speak better English than most of these thugs.

Guildford is an afluent area. And yet Friday and Saturday nights drunken yobs turn the town centre into a no-go area. It is only volunteer Street Angels keeping the lid on.

In Guildford today there was police wearing helmets patrolling the High Street, squad cars driving up and down. A van from Nottingham with some very rough looking characters inside pulled up. Immediately two squad cars pulled up. I even found two cops guarding a hole in the ground in the High Street. I can only assume to ensure no one used the cobble stones as handy missiles.

I used to think John Prescott was an ignorant oaf. I am happy to stand corrected. He has talked a lot of sense on twitter. He also knows how to use social networking. Why do more politicians not make sensible contributions rather than crass party political point scoring? They may then get more respect from the public.

When the last riots kicked off in Liverpool, Michael Hesseltine took time off as Secretary of State to walk the streets of Liverpool and talk to people. An example for today’s politicians.

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One Response to “London riots”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Guildford was on high alert yesterday as it was feared looters would attack from Aldershot.

    Last night the riots spread across the country.

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