Keystone Spirit – Eden People at The Keystone

Sometimes, certain of God’s blessings arrive by shattering all the windows. — Paulo Coelho

Half a dozen Eden People gathered in the corner in The Keystone, some still drying out from Guilfest the previous wet and soggy weekend. Interesting conversation.

Love Wins by Rob Bell. Highly recomended! Controversial? Would a loving God choose a select few to go the heaven and condemn the vast majority to all eternity in hell? Is that what Christianity is about, a select few are transferred somewhere else? Turn or burn, is that the story? Rob Bell says no! Old Testament prophets talked of an age to come, an age of plenty, of grapes, of wine, an age of peace, swords into ploughshares, spears into pruning hooks. The onus is on us to bring it about, we must end injustice, inequality, poverty, environmental degradation. If Love Wins offends a few Christian fundamentalists and their distortion of Scripture, then no bad thing. Love Wins was on special offer in Triangle.

Read Love Wins, but read The Shack first.

Concern was raised that Triangle, a Christian bookshop cum tea shop in Farnborough, is in financial difficulty and could go under. A Christian bookshop in nearby Aldershot has recently closed (a New Age shop in the last week). To rely on donations, other than a special appeal, is not sustainable. What can be done? The food leaves much to be desired. Look at Iydea and Infinity Foods cafe in North Laine, Brighton, Food For Thought, Neal Street, Covent Garden in London. Overstocked and too much tat. Listen to readers not publishers. Not a very friendly atmosphere. What are the aims? Poor use made of social media, especially facebook. Encourage churches to post their events on the facebook wall, leave their flyers and posters in Triangle. Maybe it should be a religious or spiritual centre, but this could be unpopular and maybe alienate narrow-minded Christians who think they have a monopoly on faith. In the long-term needs to move as in a poor location.

Previous two weeks Catherine Ferguson had given her summer talks on King James Bible and George Abbot at St Nicolas (where George Abbot was baptised). Much appreciated, as was her summer talks last year on El Camino de Santiago.

At its peak, a million pilgrims a year walked El Camino de Santiago. By modern times this had dwindled to a few half dozen a year but it was still possible to follow the route using a medieval guide book. Paulo Coelho was obliged to walk the route as a penance (and many of his books are inspired by or set along the route). He wrote his account of walking El Camino de Santiago in The Pilgrimage. Following publication of The Pilgrimage in the mid-1980s saw an exponential rise in the number of pilgrims, peaking in Holy or Jubilee Years when St James Day falls on a Sunday, as it did last year.

Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is well known in Latin America, Europe (especially Eastern Europe), Russia, but little known in England. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find of the half a dozen present, two not only knew of Paulo Coelho but had read his books. It was thought an excellent idea were Paulo Coelho to be invited to the Guildford Book Festival in October, especially as he has a new book Aleph out in September.

I was in Istanbul on St Joseph’s Day for a party with Paulo Coelho and guests to celebrate St Joseph’s Day.

I noticed books in The Keystone. I chatted with the bar staff and suggested they registered the books on BookCrossing and became a BookCrossing Zone. They liked the idea.

I had never been in The Keystone before. I looked in earlier in the day at lunchtime. It is a very pleasant pub, nice atmosphere, seating outside. As it was a pleasant warm evening I wish we had sat outside. The only pub I have seen with a declared environment policy.

The Keystone is easy to find. Bottom of the High Street in Guildford, across the bridge over the River Wey, behind the back of St Nicolas Church.

Eden People are a free-ranging Christian collective.

Creative Arts @ Costa is taking a summer break for August and September. They will be back first Tuesday of October (same day as the farmers market in Guildford High Street).

Midsummer Feast with Eden people
Eden People at Costa
Eden People demonstrating use of Jesus Cards
An Evening with Eden People
Eden People – Mind Body Spirit – Holy Trinity

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  1. keithpp Says:

    Pleasant afternoon sitting in the terrace of The Keystone reading Love Wins. Left a copy of The Shack for their book collection.

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