attacked by wasps

Thursday I was attacked by wasps.

Had it been one wasp I may have been ok, but it was several. I guess I was lucky I was not attacked by the whole nest.

Bad swelling where I had been stung. I could not sleep, unpleasant tingling and very itchy.

Friday I felt very poorly, but nevertheless went out for the day. I became very faint ad dizzy and somehow made my way back home. By now, my foot and ankle and lower leg very badly swollen.

Unable to sleep.

This morning, unable to stand on my foot, very painful.

This afternoon I ended up in hospital. I had a to walk part of the way. I had a rest in a church and lit two candles, one for my friend Sian, one for Triangle where she works.

At hospital doctor said my foot and ankle very swollen and hot indicating infected. I have been given antibiotics and antihistamine.

Moral of the story: Do not pick a fight with a wasp nest, you come off worst.


2 Responses to “attacked by wasps”

  1. Pandora Says:

    They are feisty little *******, I got stung recently too, must be all the wet weather making them grumpy!

    • keithpp Says:

      Wednesday they suddenly appeared in my garden, they were not there before. Thursday I decided I would deal with them. I tried pouring water into their nest (which was in the ground), then piled soil in their entrance. Big mistake on my behalf. They decided to deal with me. I was stung by several wasps. Luckily I was not attacked by the whole nest.

      I will have to leave them be. They die off in the winter.

      Saturday and Sunday my foot very painful. Today swelling is starting to go down, not as painful.

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