Guildford cycle hire scheme launched

Last week at Guildford Station a cycle hire scheme was launched. But you would be hard pushed to know as there is nothing at the staion to inform passengers of the scheme.

The only reason I know of its existence is because I was told by Melanie Hall. A wet and bedraggled reporter who went to the launch last week.

Tuesday I decided to take a look at the scheme. I could not find it!

Today I thought I’d try again. Station staff knew nothing about it. Eventually I found a station supervisor who knew about the scheme. He told me where to find the cycles. I looked there on Tuesday, I told him, and could not find anything.

I asked would he please show me, which he kindly agreed to do. Had he not shown me, I would never have found them. To say they are well hidden, would be an understatement.

The cycles are folding bikes, in lockers. £2 per day, or £1-60 per day if you hire for a month.

There needs to be a complete rethink of this scheme. The cycles need to be out front of the station, obvious to find. They also need to be in various locations, cf Boris Bikes in London, though maybe Guildford is too small, so you can cycle and leave the cycle, then pick one up later.

Cycle hire scheme launched in Guildford

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