Creative Arts @ Costa

Hitch and Pike

Hitch and Pike

Music, art, poetry and Eden People, a heady mix at Costa in Guildford.

I was in Guildford for the farmers market, and as the previous month, I thought I would hang around for Creative Arts @ Costa. [see Eden People at Costa]

It was pretty empty when I arrived, a horrible wet night and I began to regret coming. But it did fill up and although the first acts were dire the last act was fantastic, I only reget I cannot recall who they were.

I passed around prayer and meditation cards.

Earlier in the day I had enjoyed free pancakes in St Mary’s Churchyard. [see Bible-in-a-room]

I also picked up a copy of The Bible A Biography by Karen Armstrong. A timely read for 2011, the year of the King James Bible. I had hoped to read it in the Castle Grounds, but it rained.

Why are churches so territorial and parochial? Eden People have great trouble in getting a mention by local churches of Creative Arts @ Costa.

There will now be a summer break for August and September. The next Creative Arts @ Costa will be first Tuesday in October (same day as farmers market).

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One Response to “Creative Arts @ Costa”

  1. keithpp Says:

    The act at the end who I could not remember was Hitch and Pike. Live they were great. There recorded music pretty yucky worship music.

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