FSC certification greenwash

FSC old growth forest logging in Canadian boreal to produce FSC certified toilet paper

FSC old growth forest logging in Canadian boreal to produce FSC certified toilet paper

Timber has FSC stamped on it, books the same, even toilet tissue.

Read the blurb and you are told sourced from sustainable forestry. We can carry on consuming, sleep soundly in our beds at night.

Only one problem. FSC is is not a guarantee of sustainable forestry, not that is if you consider clear-felling old-growth forests for wood pulp as sustainable forestry.

Last week the FSC governing council voted that clearing rainforest for plantations was sustainable forestry. Party to that decision were RAN and Greenpeace, at least we can only assume they were as they refuse to say how they have voted and to date they have supported FSC.

Stop Press: Last Friday, Greenpeace seconded FSC Motion 18 which allows plantations established since 1994 on cleared rainforests to be certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Such plantations had rightly been exclude in order to not promote primary rainforest conversion to plantations, but now the flood gate is wide open.

I was at a conference last year where pictures were shown by Biofuel Watch (?) of rainforest v plantations. The plantations were very poor in biomass compared with rainforests. [see Zero Carbon by 2030]

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Is Primary Forest Logging: Clearing Rainforests for Plantations Is NOT Sustainable

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2 Responses to “FSC certification greenwash”

  1. Robert Hrubes Says:

    Here is Motion 18: “The FSC Plantations Review was not fully completed in 2009. The Motion calls for FSC to revisit and complete the Plantations Review and to create a balanced-chamber working group to look into stakeholder concerns relating to plantation certification.”

    So, your sensationalized characterization of what the FSC General Assembly passed last week is totally without factual merit. No flood gate has been opened; not even close.

    By the way, I was at the General Assembly. Were you?

    And FSC does not certify operations that entatil “clearfelling of old-growth forests for wood pulp.”

  2. Bhima Says:

    @Robert Hrubes, I don’t know what your background is, but the term “stakeholder” is a business term. The interest of stakeholders generally means the people with the money. I come from the third world and believe me stakeholder does not mean indigenous peoples, it does not cover the biodiversity (i.e. all the organisms living in an affected area) and it never considers the future generations of our species as stakeholders. Even considering to certify wood sourced from plantations where rain-forest once stood, as sustainable is evidence of at very least misguided reasoning.

    Perhaps Keith is being over-dramatic. However, I doubt he will be the only one shouting from the roof tops that something is amiss.

    People who proudly buy Fair-Trade products, are not aware that the farms which supply the Fair-Trade program, put on a good show for the inspectors. Once the inspectors leave, business returns to as it was before.. the FSC is just another logo, to make us pay a premium for a product which is not what it says on the packaging..

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