Flower Festival at St Mark’s

Flower Festival at St Mark's

Flower Festival at St Mark's

I had a sneak preview a couple of days before. I was on my way out, the heavens opened and it poured down with rain. I took shelter in the church and helped out.

A woodland glade, a sacred grove? The Flower Festival St Mark’s was all of these and more. Different areas, different themes. The altar an RAF theme.

Ancient churches are not sacred places because a church authority has said so. They occupy sacred sites, from when Man knew how to communicate with the Soul of the World, long before Christianity arrived. Some still do know how to communicate with the Soul of the World.

From Old Sarum it is possible to look over Salisbury. It came to the Bishop in a dream where to locate Salisbury Cathedral. Stand at Old Sarum, look at Salisbury Cathedral and you will see the Cathedral spire lines up with a notch on the hillside the other side of the valley. The notch is an ancient trackway. It is like looking down the sight of a rifle. You are looking along a ley line.

The prophets spoke of an age to come. In that age we are restored to our role as Custodians of Gaia. [see Love Wins]

Our ancient cathedrals, for example Lincoln Cathedral, were an attempt to recreate the wonders of creation. The stonemason crafted wonders out of stone, often hidden away in nooks and crannies, but seen by God.

Sunday afternoon the Chase Singers gave a choral performance, but for me a sad disappointment compared with Simple Singers, a Danish choral group, who sang a month earlier in May in Holy Trinity in Guildford.

Excellent cakes!

A special thanks to Marie and her helpers for all their hard work.

I donated to the church library The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho.

I also gave out a few prayer and meditation cards I had obtained from Eden People.

Synchronicity: Whilst helping out a couple of days before, I mentioned to a lady who I was helping a sermon I had received from Desmond Tutu a few years ago. The next day I checked my e-mail and to my surprise found I had an e-mail from Desmond Tutu seeking help on Palestine. The first time I had heard from him other than the occasion I mentioned to the lady who I helped with the flower arranging! The first (and probably only) book I borrowed from the church library many years ago was by Desmond Tutu.

St Mark’s is a red-brick Victorian church in Farnborough. The Flower Festival was part of the 130 years celebrations.

George Abbott’s Guildford. A talk by Mary Alexander at St Mary’s Church in Guildford. George Abbott was a former Archbishop of Canterbury, a contributor to the King James’ Bible. 7-30pm Tuesday evening 28 June 2011.

Creative Arts @ Costa, a celebration of music, word and the visual arts, takes place at Costa in Swan Lane in Guildford on the first Tuesday of the month (same day as the farmers market). The next event is Tuesday evening 5 July 2011. There will be no events in August and September. Swan Lane is the narrow lane that runs between the High Street and North Street at the lower end of the High Street. With Eden People, a Christian collective.

The Keystone Spirit is a regular meeting of Eden People at The Keystone Pub (3 Portsmouth Road, Guildford, GU2 4BL).

The Bible in Voice and Verse, a celebration of the King James’ Bible. St John’s, Stoke Road, Guildford. 7.45pm Thursday 14 July 2011.

Cultural Day. New Testament Church of God. 2-6pm Sunday 6 August 2011.

Eucharist: Feast of Mary and Elizabeth
GK’s Funky People at St Mark’s
Christmas Tree Festival at St Mark’s
Victorian Christmas Carol Concert St Mark’s
Christingle at St Mark’s

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