Eucharist: Feast of Mary and Elizabeth

Sometimes we get diverted or delayed, our path is changed. There is often a reason for this. We should pause and reflect. [see The Valkyries]

Yesterday, I went out late morning for a midday meeting. I thought the meeting would last an hour, I would be back at the latest by mid-afternoon.

The meeting was nearly two hours, I got diverted. It was 7 o’clock that evening, as I was on my way back, that I saw Ian Hedges, Rector of St Mark’s, entering the church. Not often finding St Mark’s open, I crossed the road and followed in his footsteps.

As I walked into St Mark’s, my breath was taken away. The pews, which would normally be in serried rows facing the front of the church, had been rearranged, now they were running parallel with the length of the church. The altar, a table, was in the middle, slightly off-centre. What this had created was an amazing sense of space.

Ian told me that a service was about to start at 7-30 pm, and so I decided to stay.

The service was Eucharist: Feast of Mary and Elizabeth. I have to admit church liturgy is over my head. I enjoy when sung, especially if in Latin.

I loooked around, and the setting sun was shining through the East Windows and the North Windows.

On a table is a Vision Journal, where visitors can write their thoughts.

I learnt later from Ian that this was a one year experiment, with special licence from the Church Authorities.

The only thing I did not like was that the library had been relegated to the church porch where it is cold and draughty. I would recommend a nook or corner is found in the church, a couple of comfortable chairs, a coffee table, where people can sit and relax and browse the books, something that is not possible in the porch where the books currently reside.

I donated to the church a copy of The Shack a deep meta-physical discussion of the nature of God.

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2 Responses to “Eucharist: Feast of Mary and Elizabeth”

  1. Katy McClellan Says:

    Dear Keith,

    Apologies for emailing out of the blue- I wonder if you can help.

    My name is Katy McClellan; I’m a researcher working for ACME, a television production company.

    In the next 5 weeks my company is hoping to make an arts documentary in which we look at controversial or mischievous actions that have taken place in public.
    It is very much a celebration of freedom of speech, expression and those people who never fully played by the rules, and is due to be aired in early August on Channel 4.

    We will be producing small, mini-documentaries about the way people use public space, whether this be for protest, art, pranks or social statement, and putting them all together in one show. They will be 3 minute segments focusing on stories that have remained in the public consciousness.

    One of the stories we were hoping to mention was that of the May Day riots back in 2000 during which an ex-soldier called James Matthews placed a strip of turf on the head of Churchill’s statue. At the time his actions were linked to Guerrilla Gardeners but they since denied he was in any way associated with them.
    We have been unable to track down Mr. Matthews and so were hoping to get in contact with anyone who was there in 2000.

    As someone who has written extensively on this event, and others like it, I wonder whether you would be available for a quick telephone so I can explain more about what we’re doing?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind Regards,


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