Simple Singers at Holy Trinity

It was the end of evensong at Holy Trinity in Guildford, when in strolled a crowd of Danes.

You have timed that well, I told them, you are lucky to find the church open.

We are here to sing, they told me, please join us as we like to have an audience, not sing to an empty church.

I was actually on my way home, and had only been at evensong by accident, but I decided to stay.

I was treated to a wonderful hour or more of choral and harmony singing by Simple Singers, a choral group from Denmark. James Bond theme music (with vocalisation of the instruments), Danish and Latvian folk songs, spine-tingling performance of Gershwin, spiritual and gospel and at the end their own version of Bridge over Troubled Waters. [see Danish rhythmical choir visits London and Guildford]

The acoustics were perfect. A pity the concert was not recorded with a simple pair of crossed microphones. It was also a pity that so few people were there. Beside myself, five people, later joined by four more.

The concert had no publicity, no mention at evensong.

Simple Singers are twenty people. For the concert at Holy Trinity there were fifteen, five men and ten women. They were accompanied at times on piano. Plus a conductor and a man at the door.

The next day, ie today, they were to sing in Covent Garden in London.

I gave them a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to say thank you.

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