Anahí – Aleph (Cover) Zúlia

Cancion hecha por Anahí y Mario Sandoval a Paulo Coelho
espero les guste.

O Aleph (or Elif in Turkey) is the story of a journey undertaken by Paulo Coelho on the trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Aleph is a point in time and space.

Released in Brazil in August 2010, it will not be available in English until September 2011.


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2 Responses to “Anahí – Aleph (Cover) Zúlia”

  1. Joshua Jones Says:

    Hi Keith –

    Trying to find a functional email for you, couldn’t so I’m posting this here.

    I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation regarding your thoughts on the Cross, faith and synchronicity on I found G-d the same way, after a brief investigation of the increasingly intense “time echoes” (as I called them) that were becoming far too common to ignore. I am now investigating the holographic model of interpreting reality. In this model, each moment and series of moments, resembles – to a greater or lesser degree – the design of the whole. It provides a tremendously powerful and revealing lens for reading Scripture and removes many of the false contradictions. It becomes not simply theology or history, but more like a “magic eye” book – a real window into a super-temporal reality.

    I hadn’t yet come across anyone else who had made the connection, between faith, what I call “time echoes” and you term “transition zones”, and hyperspatial geometry. I’m a rank amateur when it comes to these matters, but I have been doing some interesting things connecting the geometry of the cross with the Star of David, and recently comparing the geometry of the cross framed by the doorway mentioned in Exodus 12:22. Combining the two, especially given the locations of the blood and the crucifixion nails, seems to have some of the same elements of Dali’s The Cross.

    Anyway, thanks. Also, careful writing about synchronicity – it seems to generate a lot of “feedback”. I don’t know how Jung dealt with it, but I find myself only able to bring it up in brief, targeted moments or I get swamped with a barrage of “meaningful coincidence”. Thanks for a great post.

    Joshua Jones

    Philadelphia, PA

    PS. Neighbor says “synchronicity” during a silent moment at the breakfast table 20 minutes after original post. Don’t let the appearance of chaos deceive you – the numinous surrounds and embraces us.

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