Two billion watched the Royal Wedding!

How true is this? Well despite all the hype, nothing like two billion worldwide watched the Royal Wedding.

The best guestimate for the Bejing Olympics was one billion.

Official figures released today are that 24.5 million in the UK watched the Royal Wedding. That is pretty good, but it was topped by Princess Di’s funeral (32.1 million) and the World Cup in 1966 (32.3 million). The wedding between Charles and Diana 30 years ago attracted 28.4 million viewers.

Less than half the UK population watched the Royal Wedding and they had the day off. Are we therefore to believe that a third of the world population watched the Royal Wedding even though more than half would have been at work or asleep?

The police estimate a million people lined the route of the Royal Wedding.

Royal wedding watched by 24.5 million on terrestrial TV
More or Less – wedding related statistics
PM – interview with former head of BBC audience research

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