No Tarsands action at the BP AGM

The only way we can have accountability is if shareholders hold the company in which they own shares to account. If they are locked out because they have an opposing view, there can be no accountability.

That the security thugs knew who these people were on entry and then had them carefully watched, suggests to me the group has been heavily infiltrated.

I recall several years ago attending a BAA AGM. I was literally talking to the media from dawn to dusk. We even managed to have a reasonable sized demonstration outside which we organised by word of mouth (and that was before the days of social media) and had politicians on the platform.

I even managed to speak at the AGM. The response I got from the Chairman was: Sir, you appear to be challenging the board. Actually I think the word phrase was threatening the board. Well yes, that was exactly what I was doing. I then had the microphone snatched out of my hand. I was not though ejected.

Surprisingly, after the AGM, I was able to have a very open and frank discussion with the chief executive.

Spilling the News
Emails expose BP’s attempts to control research into impact of Gulf oil spill

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