Kindness is Contagious

Carolena Sabah at Paulo Coelho's St Joseph's Day Party in Istanbul

Carolena Sabah

So I’m driving up a canyon with a good friend of mine, and we see a car blocking the lane with a lady all by herself trying to push her car off the street and into a driveway. My friend, God bless his soul, he pulls over to help. We both get out of the car and help her push the truck into a driveway. It was traffic hour and the street had no sidewalk with cars rushing by. And here we are, trying to push the car uphill into someone’s driveway but to no avail.

I was pushing with all my might and wondering why is this car not moving, then I walked up to the driver’s window where the other lady was sitting behind the wheel, and noticed the gear was not in neutral, and kindly asked her to Please, put it in neutral. Still to no avail…

So here I am, in my lace tights and pumps, (today I was in the mood to dress 80’s/Madonna style) in the middle of the street, trying with all my might, to get this car into the driveway and off the danger zone.

A few minutes go by and a car stops, two young men get off and walk to the back of the truck and force the car uphill… STILL to no avail… since the driveway was Uphill.. a minute or so goes by, another van stops, a man walks up to help us, and lo and behold… we finally got the truck up into the driveway, safe and sound.

We all moved quickly to get off the busy street. Irregardless of the semi tragic situation, there was an air of goodness and joy between us all. The only thing I was fretting about were the dust and dirt on my hands… Just as soon, the lady walks up to us saying ‘there is a baby in the car, I have wet wipes, it’s the least I can do for helping us’

I was So Glad! she also said how cool or awesome we are (can’t remember her exact words) saying that just as soon as we stopped, two other cars stopped to help.

We didn’t get to chat, but got me wondering… how long had she been stuck there, before she got help.

Kindness is Contagious!

From a facebook note by Carolena Sabah.

As Carolena says Kindness is Contagious! What a better world it would be if we all like Carolena carried out a random act of kindness every day!

Synchronicity: At the time Carolena posted this story, I happened upon a very similar story called Good Samaritans.

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