Killer Jeans

Bangladesh young sandblasting worker with no protective clothing

How distressed is your denim?

Jeans are sandblasted to get that instant, stonewashed, worn look.

Sandblasting kills!

The killer process of sandblasting is risking the lives of thousands of workers around the world today.

Sandblasting causes a slow and painful death!

Over 550 Turkish workers working in sandblasting have been diagnosed with silicosis, a usually fatal lung disease caused by breathing in silicon dust. 46 workers have already died. An estimated 5,000 workers are effected.

Sandblasting has been banned in Turkey, but the practice is widespread in sweatshops around the world.

The clothing industry must implement a worldwide ban on sandblasting, to refuse to buy jeans and denim that has been sandblasted.

Armani, ASDA George, Debenhams, Dolce & Gabana, Matalan and River Island have yet to commit to banning sandblasting and eliminating it from their production. ASDA even advertise sandblasted jeans for sale on their websites.

Please tell them to ban sandblasting with immediate effect and save the lives of their workers.

But a ban, which looks good on paper, is not enough. They must monitor the situation, they must compensate those workers who have suffered industrial injury and disease through the use of sandblasting, provide free medical checks and treatment.

Killer Jeans Campaign
Killer Jeans – Manifesto to end sandblasting

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One Response to “Killer Jeans”

  1. Breathe Safely, LLC Says:

    Wow. I thought you could only get silicosis from mining dust. Very powerful article

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