Cuts are not the cure

We do not have a debt crisis. The CondDem government is using the Budget Deficit as an excuse for slash and burn of public services.

Historically the debt is not large, it is affordable. If it was not affordable, the interest payments would be much higher than they are.

At a time of a shrinking economy, the worse thing a governement can do is slash public spending. This simply tips the economy into recession and the economy spirals downwards.

Yes, the deficit should be reduced, but it should be reduced at a rate the economy can afford.

The quickest way to bring the Budget Deficit down would be to force agressive tax avoiders to pay their fair share of tax. If they paid the tax they owed there would be no need for public spending cuts.

Video made for TUC rally for an alternative to cuts in Hyde Park, London, on 26 March 2011.

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