Thinking of Home

thinking of home

thinking of home

My deepest condolences to the people in Japan. Thank you, those who kindly contacted me. My family is safe in Tokyo. As I learn about all horrible news from Japan, my heart is breaking. I grew up in Japan, listening to many horrible earthquake disaster stories, and was always ready for that, but not for this one. I am sad. — Naoko Stoop

$10 each from the sales of Thinking of Home print is going to be used to support American Red Cross, Japan Red Cross, and other organizations for their disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake throughout the Pacific.

Self-taught Japanese illustrator Naoko Stoop lives in Brooklyn, New York. She creates childhood images in her loft studio.

I’m trying to bring out the five-year old in people through my artwork. Because I believe that is the last moment before children start learning how complicated the world is, and that was when I once stopped drawing. It took me decades to come back to myself.

Top story in Liberal Slacker (Tuesday 5 April 2011).

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