Five million friends on facebook!

five million friends on facebook

five million friends on facebook

As we are in different time zones, I strongly believe that the Planet will be filled with light and prayers during 24 hr. If you don’t feel confortable with praying, a random act of kindness during the day will certainly be very helpful to this humankind. — Paulo Coelho

On Friday 1 April 2011, Paulo Coelho posted a video on facebook saying that within the next few days he expected to exceed 5 million friends on facebook. And no, it was not an April Fool’s story. He asked for ideas on how to celebrate the occasion. He suggested a prayer and maybe a collaborative project.

Oh My God, thought I. It was only last autumn when he reached four million!

I went back and checked and found that I was wrong. Last autumn it was three million. Which makes it all the more amazing. [See Paulo Coelho hits 3,000,000 friends on Facebook]

This morning Paulo Coelho announced that he will, as he did when he reached three million, mark it with a day of pray. [see 5.000.000 in Facebook: prayer + contest]

Last Autumn I was looking at the Sistine Tapestries by Raphael. As I left the V&A I asked was there a church nearby and I was directed to the Brompton Oratory. I marked the event by attending the evening mass in Latin. [see Trip to London to the V&A to see the Sistine Tapestries]

Paulo Coelho is asking that we do the same again. That we say a prayer at 1800 local time on Wednesday 6 April 2011. You do not have to say a prayer, but if not and wish to participate, then please carry out an act of random kindness.

Paulo has also as the collaborative project launched a competition to produce a video to mark the publication of his latest book O Aleph (Elif in Turkey). There is a monetary prize and a HP computer to be won. If Paulo does not like any of the entries, then the money will be donated to the Paulo Coelho Institute. All entries to be posted on YouTube with the title Aleph by (fill in name of the producer). More details of this to be found on his blog. [see 5.000.000 in Facebook: prayer + contest]

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2 Responses to “Five million friends on facebook!”

  1. Dr Pooja Says:

    I am participating in this prayer for world peace &to see a smiles on the faces of every human being who had a tough time
    keeep spreading the word

  2. keithpp Says:

    I took part at 1300 local time today. Yes, I know wrong time, but there was a reason for this.

    I was in St Peter’s, and it would not have been open at 1800.

    But …

    Late afternoon, I helped an unknown female, a stranger to me, choose what to wear. I saw she was undecided, so I walked up to her and said let me help. I looked at what she had, picked up something else, said try this. She would went to the changing rooms. What did you decide I asked as she emerged. What you had picked for me, she replied and thanked me.

    I asked did she read. Not often, she replied. I am going to pick a book for you I told her. I picked off the shelves a copy of The Alchemist. A gift for you, I said. She took it to the cash till and told them this gentleman is buying this for me.

    Not sure if it classed as an act of random kindness as she was an attractive blonde of Italian parentage, and she did promise to contact me to tell me if she liked the book!

    1800 local time, sat in my garden I participated in the Global Act of Prayer.

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