You, who they call Lord

setting sun Tenerife

setting sun Tenerife

You, who I can feel deep inside my soul.
You, who has created this world.

When I look into the microcosmos, in the macrocosmos, everywhere I find you.
I sense your greatness.

You, who they call Lord,
who they call Father,
who they call Allah,
who they call Jahwe,
You, who is there.

Who is with us. Who walks with us.
The older I become, the more I can call you friend.
You are the friend of my life, who loves me and who called me to carry your message to the people.
Thank you.

I want to ask for everyone who is here today, to feel some of God’s Greatness and His love, who wants us, who loves us.
Jesus Christ showed us a way which we can walk together.
In spite of everything and everyone, we can find ways together,
seek and find ways which will gift us with a better and more beautiful life.

Paulo has written that he is searching for the sense in his life.
And while searching he went across new paths, wrong tracks and detours, like the all of us.

Let’s keep on looking for you in the humans beings that are present in our path.


— Abbot Burkhard

Posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog.

At the press conference and at the party too at Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul on St Joseph Day, Paulo Coelho explained why he held a party on St Joseph Day, and that prayers would be said to St Joseph, that it was not an obligation to join in, but that if you did, the prayers must come from your heart, from your soul.

He invited several people on to the platform so that a prayer could be said in many languages. One of those who he invited was the Abbot of Melk Abbey who said this prayer in German.

Paulo invited everyone to hold hands during the prayers. It was a very moving experience.

I look forward to Abbot Burkhard’s recent book being translated into English.

Top story in Religion Today (Tuesday 29 March 2011).

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2 Responses to “You, who they call Lord”

  1. keithpp Says:

    A theme of Paulo Coelho’s books and mentioned on St Joseph’s Day, there are many paths. It is only bigots and fundamentalists who think they are the chosen ones, only theirs is the true path.

    As Jesus said: My Father’s house has many mansions.

    I liked what one person called May posted on Paulo’s blog:

    Very beautiful prayer and to those who have the slightest doubt that God is one, look to the essence of all the creation. It is the same essence the Atom. If we had differing Gods we would have had differing creations that don’t stem from the same concept. Without God we are truly lost.

    The opening of the Quran,

    in the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful,
    Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds,
    The Beneficent, The Merciful,
    Master of the Day of Judgment,
    You alone we worship, You alone we ask for help,
    Guide us to the straight path,
    The path of those whom you have favoured; not the path of those whom have earned Your anger, nor of those whom have gone astray.


  2. keithpp Says:

    There are great religious and spiritual leaders – Jesus, The Prophet, Paulo Coelho, Desmond Tutu, Abbot Burkhard, Canon Andrew White – who recognise the enormity of creation, the infinite – that there is more than one path – that God is known by many names – is made visible by many means.

    There are then the small town preachers, who believe theirs is the only path to salvation and everyone else is destined to Hell.

    On St Joseph Day Abbot Burkhard referred to Allah. Paulo Coelho quoted from the Koran, mentioned the Indian classic Bhagavad Gita, the great classic of Hindu scripture.

    Saints, mystics, prophets, sages, can cross the transition zone with ease, learn to read the signs, can communicate with the Soul of the World. For the rest of us it is possible but we do so with difficulty.

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