Il Divo – Nights In White Satin (Notte Di Luce)

Having said Il Divo had bastardised Nights in White Satin, this version is quite good, but I still prefer the Moody Blues.

This is like watching an up market clone of Take That!

Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin

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2 Responses to “Il Divo – Nights In White Satin (Notte Di Luce)”

  1. jacquireidpath Says:

    Well, you are talking to entirely the wrong person when it comes to this song.

    This just happens to be my favourite song from Siempre…bastardised??? Are you TONE DEAF?? I think if you don’t like Crossover, fine…but this song in my opinion is a work of art.

    An upmarket clone of Take That?? What a load of rubbish! They are a boy band…Il Divo never were.

    • keithpp Says:

      Listen toriginal by Moody Blues. It sends shivers down the spine. Il Divo is bland in comparison. Il Divo is nothing more than a boy band for snobs with no musicals taste!

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