How i met Paulo Coelho

Mari Martins

Mari Martins

I started reading PAULO when I was 22 … In that time I was a very insecure girl, and my self-estime was very low back then, I think because I had a very sad childhood, my father was a very violent man and I grew up watching him beating my mother and beating us.

Paulo Words came directly to my heart, I could feel that I could dream, that if I would believe in me i my dreams would become true. In each book i started to see myself, and it was a light in the tunel for me, Paulo became my inspiration , my whole world , I felt each word each story, I was not ALONE anymore.

I started to email him, most of the times asking for some advices, and his answers even small made all the difference, that emails made me believe in myself and gain trust in me. It could be only a quote but was the push I needed to start dreaming and following my heart.

One day Marcia from Brazilian fan club wrote me an email telling me that Paulo was going to be in Portugal May 2006, but I already had booked my holidays to Italy so theres no way I could change it …

Meeting Paulo became my biggest dream … I used to tell to myself … “Wake up Mari do u know how many people dream with that?????”

Well i continue my chasing, trying to make my dream come true.

May 2007 i went i went to Paris, i was happy i never been in Paris so i would see with my own eyes the love city!!!

One morning i was walKing down the Champes Elisees, when i notice a huge picture of Paulo Coelho outside the Virgin Records, back then i didnt understand anything in French, so i asked my friend to tell me what it was…when she told me that Paulo Coelho would be there to sign some books, i looked to her thinking that she was joking with me,when she ask the man was at the door, he said yes, that Paulo would be there …

Can you all imagne what i felt? finding him there in Paris without no explanation … ????

Well i had to wait some time to see him, meanwhile we went to the Louvre, but I must confess you my thoughts were in the moment i was about to live, i cried so much while i was waiting for him, after the Louvre we went to the virgin records, i was one of the first people to be in the Line, i bought one of Paulo’s books The witch of Portobello for him to sign it.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

My god my heart was beating too fast, tears were faling down my face, i couldnt believe it…
Then i saw Paulo … even if i try i cannot describe what i felt, that day was the happiest day in my life.

He look at the people and talked iin french, i look at him and said..” You dont need to speak French im Portuguse””””””

There were some people ahead of me … i couldn’t control my heart beat … my God i would i say ….

It was my turn!!!!! oh my god I just cried in front of him i started to tell him “One day i wrote to you telling you that one day i would look into you’re eyes and tell how much u mean to me …”

Paulo was touched by my words, i told him also that he was my light, my whole world, i grab his hands and told him “God bless you and thank you for changing my life”.

He look at me and he said “you are invited to have dinner with me tonight” i couldnt believe it, i was crying so much i was so happy, i felt that i could do anything … i couldnt be happier!!!!

I got lost in the crowd there were hundreds of people there … so i miss the dinner …

i spent weeks looking at the video and I couldnt believe that was me …

A week after i met him i had another invitation to see him but i was in Amsterdam flying to Portugal.

That moment with Paulo changed my life forever …

Its never too late to make all you’re dreams come true. If you dont find your dreams they will find you …i t happen with me .. the universe conspired to make me meet my angel the one that makes me be a better person everyday … Paulo Coelho.

Thanks to him i found a new family, friends that share their dreams with mine.

I was not lucky to have a father that loved me, but i was lucky to find so many people that believe in me, most of you my friends i dont know in person, but you all are so special to me, you are my family, my brothers and sisters, thank you al for loving me .. i love you too.

This heart-warming tale was posted by Mari Martins on St Valentine’s Day as a facebook note.

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6 Responses to “How i met Paulo Coelho”

  1. suzanneas Says:

    touching my friend…straight through my heart

  2. marie-christine Says:

    That was beautiful, thank you for sharing

  3. lil Says:

    what a beautiful story, so lovely to hear how Paulo is an inspiration for Mari, we need to hear more positive stories like this one. all the best to you mari and your open heartedness, thank you for sharing your personal story.

  4. hayat7maskeen Says:

    This put tears into my eyes! Right now I’m in Starbucks somewhere in downtown Canada trying not to shed tears in public.thank you for sharing your experience. thank you for writing about your experience and how dreams focused on, do come true!
    what’s the email you used to address him?

  5. Read Stuff With Me! Says:

    I am a graduate journalism student at Medill (Northwestern University). I deeply admire Paulo Coelho and his works. Reading his books have helped me feel positive even in the toughest times of life.

    I am writing a profile piece on him for my program. I really need to get in touch with someone who has met him and someone who can tell me a story about him, about how he had an impact on their life.

    Please get back to me. It is really urgent and important.

    From one Coelho fan to another!

    Contact :

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