Paulo Coelho – St Joseph’s Day – Melk – 19 March 2010

It is a tradition of Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho to hold a party on St Joseph’s Day to celebrate his good fortune. Last year the party was held at Melk Abbey in Austria, an important Benedictine Abbey in Austria. I had the honour of being invited but was very ill at the time and sadly was unable to attend.

This year Paulo Coelho and guests will celebrate St Joseph’s Day at Pera Palace Hotel in Beyoğlu in Istanbul.

For my lovely friend Suzanne in Lebanon who asked.

St Joseph’s Day at Melk Abbey

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One Response to “Paulo Coelho – St Joseph’s Day – Melk – 19 March 2010”

  1. Mari Ann Says:

    So nice to be remembered on St. Valentine’s day. I’m sure the rose was for me. Thank you so much.

    I was not ill last year, but I couldn’t go to Melk. So I was determined to go this year, if I get the opportunity. It looks like I have the chance now?

    Yes, I’ll be there, but I need some confirmation, or my husband will send me back to the clinic. Could you send me something that I can show for him? It doesn’t help to show him this page – in his head it will be part of my problem with seeing connections.

    Valentine at Pearl seems out of reach. But what a wonderful idea. Luxery for a day. I could live with that…. 🙂 Maybe I don’t get to make a reservation at the hotel for the date of party today. I had to transfer my wage (- and it is late because of this -) to my husband’s account this month, because my net bank is not safe. If I can’t do it today, maybe tomorrow.

    Last night an email from my brother disappeared. I still haven’t seen it. When you send me messages on e-mail, maybe you can send a blind copy to a college of mine, Kjerstin Tobiassen Just in case it disappears.

    I’ll be able to stay in touch with my friend in the US? I don’t want any ownership deals for the moment. I have to speak with you to know what this is all about. But I would love to work with you on writing. I can be your house guest? 🙂

    Please, please, don’t post this!

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