Doctors lawyers actors join anti-Mubarak protest

Circle of light

Circle of light

No matter how you feel today, get up, dress up and show up. — Paulo Coelho

I’m expecting [Mubarak] to pass his decision… and for him to go to the constitution and transmit his authorities as President to his Vice President. — Dr Hossam Badrawi to Channel 4 News

“I don’t need Obama. I don’t need Clinton. I will free Egypt with my mom and dad.” — Child protester in Tahrir Square

Thousands of lawyers are marching into Tahrir to protest. They say they are 50,000 strong. — Sharif Kouddous

Big crowd of doctors marched from Kasr El Aini hospital to Tahrir. Chanting “I am a doctor. I am against the rule of the dictator”. — Sharif Kouddous

SecGen of Pres Mubarak’s party told me to expect Mubarak to announce he’s stepping aside in broadcast tonight. — Lindsey Hilsum, Channel 4 News

Dr Badrawi, SecGen of NDP, just told me he expects President Mubarak to pass his powers to his Vice President tonight. — Lindsey Hilsum, Channel 4 News

Spoke to Badrawi of NDP: he said “I have no absolute information” but “I hope he does” transfer powers to VP.” — Lyse Voucet, BBC World News

Just spoke Badrawi NDP: Mubarak “probably” speak tonite, and “hopes” he hands over powers. Confirmed its being discussed. — Lyse Doucet, BBC World News

The day opened with a rainbow over Tahrir Square which many saw as a good omen.

Lawyers, doctors and actors marched on the street, adding their voice to the call for Mubarak to go.

The day was dominated by rumours: Was Mubarak about to go? Was he going tonight or by Friday? Was he handing power to the vice president or the army? Had there been or was there about to be an army coup?

Lindsey Hilsum, Channel 4 News, in what appeared to be a world exclusive scoop, said that in interview with Hossan Badrawi of NDP she had been told Hosni Mubarak was stepping down tonight.

Lyse Doucet, BBC World News, spoke with Hossan Badrawi of NDP, who told her removal of Mubarak was being discussed and he expected transfer of power to the vice president. She had also recieved reports of the army taking some form of action, but knew not what.

The head of the army addressed the protesters in Tahrir Square and said all their demands were about to be met.

For the protesters on the street the replacement of Hosni Mubarak with Omar Suleiman – Chief Torturer, Torturers R US and extraordinary rendition for the Americans, Siege of Gaza for Israel – is not acceptable. Nor is what amounts to a coup by the army. The Muslim Brotherhood have said they will not accept the army.

The people in Tahrir Square put the government to shame. They even separate the rubbish into organic and non-organic. What we are seeing is participatory democracy in action.

The people in Tahrir Square have also put Western leaders to shame, especially the spineless Coward in the White House.

I caught the tail end of Mubarak live on Egyptian TV. The rumours proved to be false. He refused to stand down. He has delegated unspecified powers to VP. Crowds are going crazy. ANGER! The crowd flipped in an instant from carnival atmopshere to anger as though a switch had been thrown. In Alexandria several thousand heading to an army base. Mubarak has guaranteed mass protest on Friday.

VP told people to leave the streets, go home, go back to work, not listen to satellite TV!

Omar Suleiman, Chief Torturer, runs Torturers R US and extraordinary rendition on behalf of US, enforces Siege of Gaza on behalf of Israel.

Omar Suleiman and Hosni Mubarak have guaranteed millions on the streets on Friday. Egyptians loathe Omar Suleiman and Hosni Mubarak.

Mohamed ElBaradei, a leading opposition figure, says ‘Egypt will explode’ and urges army ‘to save the country’.

Egyptian Ambassador to US says all powers have been transfered to Omar Suleiman and he is defacto president.

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