Anti-Mubarak protests spreading

Tuesday saw some of the biggest protests yet in Tahrir Square.

Wednesday saw the protests spreading. Both the parliament and government offices are now being targetted. Waves of protest strikes are taking place across the country.

In Tahrir Square, volunteer medics wear their bloodstained white coats as a badge of honour.

Human Rights Watch now report more than 300 killed.

The record turnout puts paid to the naysayers and establishment pundits wheeled out by the mainstream media.

The longer Mubarak hangs on, the more creative become the protesters.

The biggest tragedy has been the lack of statemanship and leadership by the Coward in the White House. He could have held out his hand to the people on the streets, shown a genuine desire for peace and stability and democracy in the Middle East. Instead he has used the Mubarak bagman as a go between between the US and the Head of Torture.

US citizens ask why does the military hardware and tools of repression still flow to the regime in Egypt?

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Egypt’s army ‘involved in detentions and torture’

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